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YOUR Destiny Podcast 2376

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artyzipp 7

Been messing with a deck like this. It is fantastic.

artyzipp 7

I do like Rex's blaster pistol in this deck too

YOUR Destiny Podcast 2376

@artyzipp - Rex's Blaster is amazing and can really put pressure on your opponent! Deal with all of this sh*t :D

artyzipp 7

Exactly. Activating with Padmé's ship and then activating a ramped Leia is fun.

comradedickbutt 126

I still don't necessarily understand the Donderbus pistol in this deck. I get that it's a 2 cost villain upgrade but the die essentially has 3 blanks if you're looking to maintain speed. In my own version I've thrown Deja Vu in instead, although just a single copy and it also slows the deck down. I almost wish there was something like the Ordnance Launcher that was a villain card.

rockntroll 247

Grappling Boa is a good alternative to Donderbus Blaster Pistol you miss the redeploy in order to gain some control and kinda more synergy with the sides. Instigate is also a good cheat choice especially if you also run Rex's Blaster Pistol

gummihemmi 1

i played similar deck in milton keynes GQ.. my favorite villain card was Death Mark and then 2 Underhanded Tactics and 1 Skilled Tracker cheap in can get them out really quick

CharlieWonka 241

@comradedickbutt - I built this particular deck and I took it to 5-1 in the GQ and then my friend George used it to go 6-0 on day two. It only lost to a very horrid Force Storm Palp turn that did 22 damage in a turn.

My thoughts behind the Donderbus Blaster Pistol were for the speed and redeploy - the ranged sides pair up with the underhanded tactics +1 which can be useful for a bit of extra direct damage at times. I'd say it's totally flexible with many other villain cards but this is why I went for it.

I find it very hard to build any other decks after building and playing this one. It just seems to flow for me.

Danik13 515

I played your deck 3 times against the infamous Phasma/Trooper deck and ...

I lost 3 times! Good deck, but just not good enough for Phasma :/

CharlieWonka 241

@Danik13 ouch that's rough. I guess that's match ups for you as I didn't come up against this deck in my 5-1 run with it.

I played 4 three wides and a Padme/Maz and Palp/Watto

dpuck1998 46

Thoughts on Senate Chamber? Seems like a good addition