Seattle GQ 0-15 Standard

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comradedickbutt 119

I spent the weeks leading up to the GQ waffling around with Yoda Force Storm build and reminiscing about how much I enjoyed playing sticks, also seeing the swole Qui-Gon blowout plays and wondering if I could invert the blue-yellow dynamic a bit. I took this to the GQ at ETX this weekend and lost every single game. It was great. Almost every match I was able to get Moxie on Yoda round one, which alllmost made up for the travesty of not having his second die and could have, with luck and some precious timing, lead to some blow out Force Storm shenanigans. Without Force Speed or some other kind of action cheating to protect your die, this deck simply cannot keep up with the flood of dice in this big support meta, but them's the breaks. I did manage to pull off a quad special force storm to kill a few droids in a nifty Grievous deck, so the dream is not dead!


KyloSpren 154

I love this. And I love you. Way to play your heart out and stick in there. Never Tell Me The Odds

seitzj 28

This deck has a flawless record from a certain point of view

maddenman 8

Perfect records congratulations!! - Cleveland Browns/Detroit Lions/Tampa Bay Buccaneers/Miami Dolphins

General Vatutin 26

Miami should be separate considering the perfect “winning” record—albeit in a 14 vs. 16 game season. Although few think those extra two game would have matter THAT year.

Jorgyn Ryys 184

I like it.

Dice of Failure 562

Hey the BOTF just hit. I'm seeing 16-0 next time!!!

Daaneskjold 9

I really wanted to try this after playing against you this weekend, but then Storm got nerfed :( haha

comradedickbutt 119

Yeah the storm errata hits this pretty hard :(

The Phantom Dennis 40

This was the first deck on the homepage and I thought to myself "I remember seeing a version of this while I was judging Seattle. I wonder if this build did any better!" Then I saw the title, then I realized I can put a face to the name of @comradedickbutt <3

Loopee4 1


Make hero great again

Pearl Yeti 957

You are my hero.

Sinomi 320

This is the hero we need. <3

Imperial Spy 172

@comradedickbutt don't feel bad in my local tournaments I'm a like 6 month last place streak. If I win or do somewhat good its because the person hasn't played in a while or is new. Which is very rare.