Yoda Leia 6-0 but really 5-0 @ standard origins

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JustJackGDP 402

You can check out the full write up here: https://thegoldendicepodcast.wordpress.com/2019/06/17/origins-standard-gq/

Round 1 vs eAphra/GG/SM Round 2 vs eWat/eWatto/SM Round 3 vs eObi/eAayla Round 4 vs eGG/Aphra/SM Round 5 vs ePadme/eAayla/AR Round 6 was not played as I was the last undefeated.


Orffme 57

Was the no answer nerf in effect here?

JustJackGDP 402

@Orffme Yes the updated RR/holocron was in effect.

Articero 838

Again, nicely played and congrats on the win!

BananaCrapshoot 55

No Talzin or DJ. Disappointing.

Good job Jack.

chazz 104

I'm very interested in running Hero mill at an upcoming event. I'm currently testing Leia/Lando. I'm interested in how you think the two decks compare. My biggest challenge is emptying a hand with just Lando left, though I daresay you have the same problem with Yoda. Also what do you believe is your toughest match up? Phasma/Sentinel?

Ingus_bcn 1

www.youtube.com Mill Vs Mill , enjoy:)

DTokz 56

`@Orffme what No Answer nerf? I think the RR just clarified that after discarding one, then you check to see if they have none left in hand.

Orffme 57

@DTokzBefore people would use no answer twice in a row and get the top 3 off the deck both times, now they only do it if they also got the last card in hand. I am referring to whatever that is, be it a clarification, nerf, errata, etc.

DTokz 56

Thanks. The group I play with was expecting a nerf to go the other way (either discard a card, or if they have none, discard top 3), so that flew under the radar.