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This deck was piloted by Richard Hodgson at the Scruffy Looking Dice Rollers recent thematic event in York, United Kingdom.

The event was an infinite format with the brief being that all characters decks be inkeeping with a certain scene/film or show.

Despite finishing 6th overall, the deck won the award for 'Most Thematic' voted for by the other players, with the majority of cards coming from a single episode of the TV show Rebels - Twilight Of The Apprentice.

In terms of a playing strategy, Richard stated that he wanted to put most of his upgrades on Kanan Jarrus - Rebel Jedi, due to Ezra Bridger - Aspiring Jedi having lower health and freeing up Ahsoka Tano - Force Operative to be able to be readied multiple times in a round.

If you want to hear about the event's winners and some of the things going on you can find and listen to our podcast on Spotify, iTunes or any other podcast streaming app under Scruffy Looking Dice Rollers, or you can head to our website to listen and download directly.

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