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None. Self-made deck here.
Inspiration for
Terminators 3 2 4 2.0

elecash 389

I did 2-0 with this against eVader/FOST. It works better than expected.


TurkeyClubSamich 118

Any room for Droid's Day Out or Communication Module?

elecash 389

@TurkeyClubSamich I would remove reassemble if you want to include any of those.

thewelcomemat 71

I thought of this list the other day and love that someone else has already built it :) Using R2 to turn K-2SO to that 2 side sounds really nice!

elecash 389

New version here

+1 BB-8

+2 Droids' Day Out

-1 GH-7 Droid

-2 Energize

General Vatutin 26

Have you looked at the other droid decks like Han/R2/C-3***...and Ayla/R2/C3 ? Cheers

elecash 389

@General Vatutin yes, any combination with R2/C3 is very powerful, all of them will give you always advantage by resolving dice without being mitigated.

General Vatutin 26