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This is the deck discussed on our most recent episode of the podcast titled 'Destiny Strikes Back'

Essentially I wanted to have a deck ready to build once I'd finished opening up my packs on release date for Spark of Hope. Expecting to be able to pull Gideon Hask - Inferno Squad Commando and some of the other extras like AT-RT and Seizing Territory I had most of the other cards ready to roll as a lot come from the traditional Phasma decks of the last set.

When playing it I realised pretty quickly that its actually a pretty decent deck. When you think that a Phasma/FOST or Messenger deck allows a five dice start but with one of your characters being a lot weaker than Hask, as long as you have the battlefield to start you can have the same five dice start here.

Which is why as a card Seizing Territory is so crucial for this deck. It allows you to always maximise the battlefield if you win the roll off as well as hit hard on cards like Seize the Day, Fresh Supplies, Superior Position and Hask's power action.

On his power action, its why I've included Sniper Team over Megablaster Troopers, its much harder to get to four resources than two plus there's only one leader in your team who may be targeted first. Plus with Sniper Team you can joke that its Del Meeko in the background (if you've played the game!)

The other amazing card is the AT-RT which allows you to modify any dice belonging to a trooper. This is crazy good to either ramp resources, hit hard with range damage (or even blanks with Advanced Training ) but even modifying Iden Versio - Inferno Squad Commander's discard side sometimes feels pretty damn good.

I think the deck will still need some tweaks but its certainly got potential as a good, classic, two wide 'burst' aggro deck.

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