A Tastier "Better Maul"

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Miket1100 430

I love IG-88 - Single-Minded, he may be my favorite villain this set.

This deck has loads of synergy and you don't even need numerous dice on the field for it to be super aggro. The spread you get with IG-88's ability is insane, and if you happen to get out IG-2000 that's just a bonus.

General Grievous - Droid Armies Commander opens up red which gives you useful cards like Modular Frame and Energize for IG-88 while decreasing the point cost of IG allowing this pair to happen with it's plot (more on that later). Grievous' power action also comes in handy for a free IG-88 reroll.

Bounties are the engine to this deck. There's a lot of zero cost bounties available to exploit, along with the best downgrade ever Dead Or Alive giving you a resource every activation. Especially nice now with Nightsister Lair - Dathomir most likely making you free money, the economy won't be a problem.

You'll easily be able to utilize Any Means Necessary to its fullest extent with this deck, make Grievous a bounty hunter with Bounty Hunter Mask to turn that uneeded roll into an easy 2 unblockable.


Zombane 445

Defoliator Tank would fit in with this pairing really well.

chazz 157

Yeah I was looking at a 3 wide with Grievous and IG but this looks tasty. Great point about the Defoliator! I've been trying to find a deck for that for ages. This could be it!!!

Fromper 130

Are you really doing enough damage with so few dice in the deck? If your opponent has decent removal, it seems like they could seriously slow you down. I'm putting together a similar deck, and I'm actually wondering if 7 weapons and ships in my deck are enough. I'm trying to find a way to squeeze in another 1 or 2.

If I were you, I'd definitely throw in Grievance Striker, since it has redeploy and does a bonus damage when first deployed on Greivous, and Punishing One, since you get an extra use of it when you defeat an enemy. As tempting as the Defoliator Tank is, I just think it's too expensive. Though if ewoks or younglings actually catch on, it'll be great against those 4+ wide decks.

I'm using less bounties than you, but enough to spread around for IG's power action. But since I have more dice and less bounties, I went with Focused Fire instead of Hunt Them Down for a damage boost when resolving dice.

Also, I'm not a fan of this plot. You have to give up a die in order to do 1 damage, maybe 2. Take a look at Perilous Escapade instead. Just a free damage when you put out your first bounty of the round, as long as IG's still on the table.

Miket1100 430

@Fromper I'm just as surprised as you are. I played this against three decks the other night and won all three. One was Maul Savage, one was Dooku, Nute, and Talzin, and the last was Luke Aayla (another one of my decks). They had pretty decent removal but my deck ended up working well.

When I played the deck I actually had 1 Pulse Cannon and 1 Grievance Striker. I added in 2 Pulse for this list because I PA'd for a 2, 2, 3 for 7 damage at once and fell in love so much I theorized how well 2 would work.

I agree with you on the plot, I need to buy the new draft set to try it out. But I wouldn't write off Any Means immediately. With all of the zero cost downgrades I was able to remove a blank IG-88 or Bounty Hunter Mask Greivous die pretty often for the 2 unblockable, which adds up more than I think Perilous Escapade would since I always want to slam as much downgrades I can in one round.

I think it would do well with a second IG-2000 for the draw consistency since that support is so great.

I definitely need to try it out against more decks to tune it better, but I like the skeleton of the deck I'm seeing so far.

Odm88 1

I think i would give this a try with Arihnda Pryce, flip the dice of ig-88 and resolve it right away.

HotSoup 14

So why the plot instead of a Battle Droid? It would be the same amount of dice but an extra 6 health. I feel like 1, sometimes 2, unblockable isn't worth giving up 6 health.

Fromper 130

I actually looked at Battle Droid vs General Grievous - Droid Armies Commander's 2nd die and the Perilous Escapade plot. The Battle Droid die is effectively just one damage per round, same as the plot. So the difference is Greivous's much better 2nd die vs 6 health.

Grievous's die not only has 2 damage sides, but also a resource side and a double focus, which are better than the 1 ranged side. In a fast aggro deck like this, the goal is to pump out damage as quickly as possible, not to outlast the opponent's deck. The extra Greivous die will go a long way towards killing things and ending the game before that 6 lost health would have a chance to matter.

artyzipp 7

I love this deck, but I still need to get some pulse cannons!

Odm88 1

Relentless pursuit vs tireless pursuit ? Ambush is cool but the unblockable from relentless is good too, what do you think ?

Odm88 1

Nvm.... its not legal anymore