5-0 MAGA - Make Aayla Great Again!- TAG Tourney winner 07/19

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Tag_Team 235

5-0 Tourney winner from 07-19-19 piloted by Todd. Rd 1 - Ewoks,Chirpa,Gungan Rd 2 - eIG-88, Grevious, Battle Droid Rd 3 - Gungans, Jar Jar, Boss Nass Rd 4 - eMaul, Veteran Stormtrooper, Retribution Rd 5 - eVader, FOST


General Vatutin 26

How easy was email veteran stormtrooper. Granted it should be email frost profitable connections so I imagine it was really easy?

Chazu 69

Easiest win of the night, but it was compounded by a poor draw for him and max damage roll from R2 with an heirloom for 7 damage to kill him round 2 off of a droids day out play.

dicecommando 106

This is fascinating...

General Vatutin 26

Thanks for the heads up on Maul. Unfortunate, he had a bad draw so you didn’t get to see much of his potential. Regardless, I got a bet with a friend that not one maul will make the cut at Gencon. He’s fine, just not tier one material and can’t very well kill C-3PO first turn on more than 15% of the game imho. People keep saying he on parity to Vader, but I don’t buy it—and his sharp reduction in price down to $15 seems to back that up. Gg

Have you had a chance to play Han droids vs. Ayla Droids on TTS etc.; if so, what were the results? I think Gencon will be the 20%-30% C-3/R2/...X and go down as the battle of the droids. With aphra hanging in as well.

Chazu 69

I don’t play on TTS, but I have gotten to play it locally against a couple different Han4 droid builds. I have pretty good results against the different support builds with it.

artyzipp 7

Agreed on Maul. Vader is stronger in almost every way

Brickmaster 9


General Vatutin 26

Maul sucks...period. Maul will not make it into the top 32 at Gencon unless the strength in schedule is ridiculously low. Vader ...maybe 2 get through because he can spike c-3po and fear will hit aphra hard. Maul should at least play a 9 point character instead of ten since the propensity of droids not playing vehicles is coms tower. With Retribution it becomes a relevant plot.

This version is very good and legit, but the Satine Kryze - Hope of Mandalore version just ramps better. Not saying I personally got the right cards of the version, but people going to Gencon will likely have 15-20% with satine as the X in droids. There are only bad versions of Satine on this site because the top players aren’t spilling the beans on the Satine version they are bringing which will counter the mirror, deal with Vader (or maul in the Swiss), aphra, KyloRey, and the spoiler Ewoks. That gives satine droids the greatest chance to top. However, would love some out of nowhere mando-like deck to win.

DTokz 147

@General Vatutin This isn't much data to on, but I went 4-0 at the first standard tournament in NoVa with eJango Maul.

Jango and Nightsister Lair make money so reliably that throwing a Vibrocutlass on Maul round 1 isn't too tough. That's a monster die to use to fuel Maul's power action or Fear and Dead Men.

General Vatutin 26

@DTokz dude, nobody don’t take my word for it. Wait, I forgot I am like reading rainbow. Don’t take my word for it, “It’s in a book.. just take look...it championship Content Creators.” Not just a few, but ALL of the content creators in the top 4 of well every damn competition in the States. Hey it is a hot take like you said. But to anyone else wishing FF could allow such haphazard awesomeness I have to say they have been found wanting. FF at least made him able to take down some small locals so all is well in the world unlike the last iteration that was total and complete crap. However, any fool taking it to world’s with the hope of getting past the top 32 is ...again a fool. The GODS of the game have said so...it is in a book.

Now don’t forget my fuzzy warm Rainbow Reading friends that people love to take words in books and also 1st draft constitutions from the plow and row row row your boat age for gospel as you might well be aware. The Maul Flood, locust swarm, 40 virgin, Dead Sea enlightment Gunga Galunga total consciousness isn’t coming no matter how much some wish it. But hey, good luck to all pixies, fairies, leprechauns, and those willing to meet the devil at the crossroads and make them a deal. Sending good vibes your way. Just don’t forget to align some crystals next to the mat and put a drops of Boswellia frankincense in the ye ol ears. A real Maul player might want to bring a bucket of KFC to a voodoo shaman for some extra juju. It being the 21st. Entity and all all that blood has been deem unnecessary, plus the last headless chicken ended up causing The Decline and Fall of Detroit—long story but picture something like an assembly line gone wrong with Trump’s hair caught in it while he was showing it to his North Korean buddy. Some robot got a hold of that little guy and shook him until he had shaken Korea syndrome and then his shoe bomb went off. Terrible ju ju man, terrible. They started making too many orange cars and there was a giant sucking sound all the way to Mexico which was luckily stopped, separated, and found dead in the desert. Close one.

Like me going 8-2 with my likely poor iteration of droids yesterday. Any squirrel can find a nut when sunshine hits its arse on summer solstice. Peace out. Everyone can roll hot even in Vegas. Just think if you bought that Powerball ticket instead of monkeying around with vibrators. Rich, rich I tell you .

General Vatutin 26

@DTokztx for the puff puff pass. Good $hit man. You, me can get some White Castle after Gencon. You’ll just have to wait an extra day for me, but hey dude I hear their is a mean Settlers of Catan thingmajiggy going on. Look for me with a black hat with white letters saying “BMF” and a nickel plated card container while my boy Squiggy is coming out of the bathroom just as it heats up at the final table. Keep it cool Honey Bunny , keep it cool. Keep that vibrator where I can see it.