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Bigulf 819

The deck is cute and against most decks that aren’t build well, will crush them. Its major weakness is action chesting where the opponent can get ahead of the Troopers, shields like in Yoda2 or Reylo, or decks that can pump out turn 1 damage and kill a trooper or 2 turn 1 minimizing the effect of PLO.

General Vatutin 26

This is a case of where once again FF designers and can’t think out the box which holds this game back. There in no reason to be making useless characters like Dengar anymore. No I don’t want his stupid punishing one to go with his stupid dagger to go with a useless character. Enough FFF. In the case of this deck, they could have easily put a single sentence on swarm cards like these. Play with 4 or more Hoth Troopers and reduce their cost by a combined total of one. No need for bitter rivalry and suddenly your janky deck is not so janky. It doesn’t take Rocket scientist to design this game correctly after a couple years of failing at the design level.

Between all the junk and then slipping in a few broken stuff just to sell boxes so people speculate only to nerf the stuff later is orchestrated crap. If you think they didn’t play on nerfing Force Storm from the get go, you don’t know diddly.

If they would negatively balance cards after three months before the cards are worthless two years later...fine. But they are too greedy. If they are spread too thin, then hire some more people you greedy rat bastards.

Again, this is a case where the designers constantly fail to use enough text to their advantage. Look at Jabba 3. They price him too high expect for one purpose. Now the following is just an example of how designers can avoid making a resource generator too good for certain. Uses while buffing other themes or characters. They were so slow to use the subtypes and still are using them in simple minded ways. However, card text can mitigated certain cards/styles from being played while boosting others. Jabba mainly sucks unless you run him three wide with a fairly specific support package. Reducing his points as a support casting character is easily avoid. However, adding text on the card saying something like (This is not my J.O.B. so if the particular numbers etc. idea is bad that is not on me) reduce Jabba point -1 point if paired with two bounty hunters or -2 if he is paired with more and no supports were included etc. would open of door for him to pair with some bounty hunters. The damn designers keep needlessly shackling and cornering themselves into a limited design space. I mean it took them how long to uses a common concept of subtypes. Obvious. Even now they don’t use them enough. Their lack of imagination continues to keep the cost of most cards and dice far too low for this game to succeed in the long-term for an micro economics standpoint. Many people are tapped out from buy so much useless crap. This happens because you practically can’t give most cards away, even the legendaries. When you can’t offload a roomful of extra dice and cards costing thousands for even a few hundred in newer product, people just stop and give up. These idiot designers just don’t get that a successful CCG must be somewhat collectible. Now I get that a ton of you have just a single playset, which is fine, but many of us like to have decks on hand that we can just grasp and play after a hard day’s work instead. That makes it expensive to have so many decks all needing such a limited pool of efficient cards. And that is the rub.

I think so many of us who started during awakening just thought they were feeling out what they were doing, but, we now see the nefarious bull crap FF plans on a continued basis. Let’s put heirloom, entangle, hidden motive etc. into a starter to really screw with the people that need ore than to to build multiple decks. I must own 16-20 Heirlooms, which who be find if I wasn’t getting screwed elsewhere at every turn with this game....plap’s couln’t that right to bolster his first so iterations which fell flat—especially number two.

Rage. I both love and hate this game. I love the concept, but hate the designers for falling so short in something that could be so much better.

Entourage Gaming - Lanza 333

You a salty one @General Vatutin

General Vatutin 26

You'll have to forgive me. It is a cathartic experience that I am compelled to do one every set of crap. I have 70 decks and most of the seem to have the same 200 cards while hundreds of lonely dice and shit cards line tables all around in my game room that could find a better use. I just can’t seem to finish because of the slow drip of quality stuff. I want to cover most of the thematic character and some of the other stuff like built to last etc. watch Mace 1 suck and Maul suck just takes a toll when you chase them believing the developers had a master plan for future pairings. Nope. I was conned. I want to be finished with them, move on...believe me...but it is another $800-900 I just don’t have. To come so far close to being finished is frustrating. I just can’t afford to build a vader deck and a maul deck and a droid deck, etc. No Kylo Rey for me because I spent my money of IG-88 1 etc. which is worthless. Though pill to swallow.

Get this. So O play twenty games of x-won’t and start building 16-18 premade squads buying auto trusters online for $8 a pop and two months after I finish 2nd edition comes out and all that crazy work home brewing convoluted ways to make b-wings and a-wi gs work was pointless. I had gotten ahold of a guys research, but it took adding so many cards to a squad it was difficult to runand remember. 2.0 looks great but a years worth of work gone.

No more stuff for Armada and stuff with crazy transport rules which made people run for the hills. Ouch again. FF is my nemesis because they own an IP and find ways of exploiting it to no end and leaving me at the alter so to speak.

Sorry for the rage. Scream to the void. I feel a little better.


Entourage Gaming - Lanza 333

Get on TTS, find something you like before you invest and join some Discords.

Dice of Failure 816

@General Vatutin Sir, this is an Arby's.

Entourage Gaming - Lanza 333

@Dice of Failurecomments on a deck with one die. Ironic!

General Vatutin 26

Glad the irony was not lost! -Prof out

VehicularSupport 41

@General Vatutin If you look at other games the amount if useless cards is also high. That isn't just a destiny thing. You can look at video games too. So much if the loot picked up as no value. My suggestion would be to just buy singles.

For the purposes of this site, I do wish your comment could be flagged for removal because it is generally useless.

VehicularSupport 41

What about a resistence ring on plo to use deployment and squad tactics from the discard if it hits special?

General Vatutin 26

@VehicularSupport look you are correct, but the economics of this game are far different leading to its eventual collapse. With each passing wave less and less destiny is being sold. Eventually, FF priorities will shift again leading to this game’s downfall. FF has a history of destroying great games: Armada and Android Netrunner. Complacency is usually the first sign of something’s down fall. This game holds NO value after a year, two at the most. There is nothing collectible about it. I tell everyone who looks at my massive collection to wait 3-4 years and scope up a massive collection on the dirt cheap. In fact, that is exactly what I’ll be doing. FF made the mistake of thinking the could produce crap forever, when it was really just idiots like me trusting for the first 4 sets that they had a real plan for the Kano they were producing. We now know two things: FF doesn’t have a larger enough development department focusing on quick returns instead of long-term viability; and second, the crap was produced with full knowledge. I will map out great decks great decks after this set over the next few years and then scope up everything I need for peanuts to create another 30-40 decks. Don’t get in because you’ll lose too much money are the words I give people who ask me about my large collection of a shelf in my game room...just wait and you’ll get what you need for all the great decks for mere pennies. “Say it isn’t so Joe.” Belief that something will not happen doesn’t hold the current of the river of what is happening to this game hold water. Comparing it to other cards games doesn’t work either largely because there is a personal connect to Star Wars characters and the IP. Finally, I will point out that the downhill spiral has already begun, in ernest. Cards like Ancient LS, X-8s, and Force Speed are tumbling to $3-8 cards soon. Force speed is at 12/15...Wtf. What an iconic card soon to be worth crap. What this means is the infinite scene is dead, the casual gamers aren’t their to support the prices and thus the value crap. This is not the economics of a successful collectible card game. Is 7 month Yoda 1 will be selling for $12 and $3-5 a year later. Lol. Just like every other CCG. If I have a nickel for every time some bitcoin, foil hat, competitive destiny junkie said that I would be Citizen Kane.

There is an old saying in politics circa 1991, “It’s the economy stupid.” Now I wouldn’t not presume to call you stupid so don’t take it that way. But as a serious gamers of 30+ years with two full dedicated gamerooms pimped to the nines I have seen many game come and go. Pointing to other games with useless cards like MTG work for reasons I won’t go into, but they same economics don’t work for Destiny. For Destiny to survive the content has to be better. It is foolish to think that Destiny is fueled by the competitive scene. So many content creators fail to understand that they are likely 15-20% of the Destiny purchases. Most people buying into this game are 40 year olds playing with their kids—because we have disposable income of various levels. However, when WE get tired of basically subsidizing the competive players by buying boxes, you folks pay a temporary premium of singles forcing so of you out. When the casual gamer starts feeling cheated, which they have been, sales decline — which they have been. A positive feedback loop is created. Less casual gamers turn into competitive gamers and that base will shrinks.

A successful investor reads books like ‘Where are Your Customer’s Yachts.’ Before investing in Facebook when it hit $19 and some change, I asked a group of teens what Snapchat was. You have to ask around to really get the beat. Competitive FF players love to assume that they represent the majority of players when that is complete and utter folly to believe so. X-wing is the closest and they don’t even reach 50%. It was also folly to assume the rise in participation at national events meant growing interest in the game. It was merely more casual gamers becoming comfortable with their skill set and wanting to test them out. Participation at FLGS are down except in pockets and those pockets aren’t keeping this game alive. It is a temporary anomaly, where the overall customer base declines while the hardcore player gets more advanced. However, of you go to various game shops, like I have because I travel a lot, you’ll get the real beat. Miniature market stop selling single and very few companies do. It isn’t profitable to sell single unless you decide to be the last one standing like Coolstuff will. This game won’t particularly die soon or abruptly, but continue to retract causing the designers to resort to desperate measures which could go one of two ways. It is the classic collapse of a fade-except this one could have been avoided. When even your legendaries become worthless, you know you are designing or buying a crappy game. 9 time of of ten with these sorts of games it end the wrong way. This isn’t mtg with a 15+ million player base. This is a game in eath’s low orbit and loosing altitude fast. FF never learn a simple economic principle with their base sets. Break even on some products so you keep them coming back for more. First, hit is on is man. A freaking drug dealer knows that. They could even make decent starter sets for Amateur hour at the Apollo.

Bigulf 819

Not bad, it would be 2nd Action IF you hit the special which isn’t horrible unless opponent was down to 1 char remaining.