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YOUR Destiny Podcast 2376

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General Vatutin 26

Hey your Destiny Podcaster, next time you talk to FF tell them to get their ring art Department together. Satine is the worst offender, but this cartoon old Daka sucks balls. Tell them realize like Maul 2 etc. or bust. It is bad enough they produce 90% pump and dump crap. The least they can do is make their crap look good. Satine looks like a Logan’s Run look alike that is nether stately or a fierce looking badass capable of ruling Mandalore. She needs to stay on cartoon Baywatch and keep saving swimmers in slow motion.

General Vatutin 26

You guys have the ability to make suggestions to the design team and get heard. I’m still waiting on all this badass characters in legacies and way of the force that could be fun if a damn point or two would be shaved off. We are now into two worthless Finn’s. Yeah, I get you competitive people don’t much care. But guess what. We casual players out spend you 5:1. Yep, and as we decline, your game declines as well. At first, we though FF had a character to fit x,y, and z waiting in the wings in the next set or two or they were growing pains of a new design team. But it was clear that we were had all along. It was all a slow drip on purpose making collecting multiple decks difficult as they had to use mostly the same freaking ass stuff because there was such a difference between Hidden Motives, Force illusion, etc. heirlooms etc for the longest time. To put some of these staples in starters was the final straw for some big collectors. Now we see thousands of dollars spent on 28 boxes and all those extra staples being sold for pennies on the dollar. FF’s has a habit of pumping out crap that people instantly recognize as crap which didn’t need to be. Then they are slow to response because of all you Kool-Aid drink content creators going after the same small pool of players instead of engendering yourselves to the larger market. All you content creators could ban together and sign a petition with all your competitive players having a chance to sign.

I watched three games now get destroyed by FF: Android N, Armada, and now this. All transport crap with Armada killed that game and now it just limps on. They final got their crap together and started using subtypes and a restricted list. So if you think there resources and prize support spent on this game is small now just keep waiting one more year. Designing this game is not rocket science. Using subtypes to make certain character buffs while limiting other character from getting too much benefit wasn’t rocket science, but they dripped al, that out losing thousands of players on the way. But NOTHING is so detrimental to this game from a masters in business grad than waiting to right the wrongs of products still viable. It takes just one seasons of tournaments from all over to see that iconic x,y,and z characters where failures because of their prohibitive points cost. Some characters are just bad. Take some time and show the damn design team how they failed in these with some creativity among your discord groups. To paraphrase and old quote, “It is is today, it will be you tomorrow.” They came for x and I said nothing, they did y, and I said nothing, there is nobody left to protest.

If this happens much sooner when the cards are still relevant to the meta, causal gamers can buy more of them off the secondary market boosting the economic reality of the game for you competitive players. Plenty of us have no time to build decks and test because we are busy making money and running a family. Competitive players TEND to be younger with less money and responsibilities. Fact. If we are buying up more characters and upgrades that is win win for everyone. However, competitive players don’t build list for by gone stuff which means we are hesitant to buy the cards and build a deck. Lots of is casual players like to have tons of decks on had to play quick games in the small free time we have. It is a circle of life. You may be the lions, but without us antelope running around grazing, you time and patreon support goes down not up. So keep posting on us casuals and attempting to snug up to FF on your knees like Team Covenant to get some spoiler traffic. Just see how long that last. The herd is tired of the pump and dump and crap art. Again, most cards don’t need to be on curve or above, but the don’t need to be shit. A simple redeploy, 2 this or that instead of one and lower points sooner benefits all in a game that is not a true CCG economically. Ignore us at your peril.

On another note, you content creators start helping us collectors out. You could can get some patreon cash support. Some of us want be able to use most of the characters and upgrades without them having to be efficient enough for play. You know what I am talking about when you guys can instantly label so sing as great, good, situational, crap, crap, crap, crap, etc when a small change to the die or being proactive in reducing cost every two sets instead of two freaking years later. Two years later and I can finally play x, y, and z.

General Vatutin 26

@Your Destiny Podcast

YOUR Destiny Podcast 2376

Hi @General Vatutin THANKS for your comments. I think you give us too much influence. But I generally agree with most of your comments regarding design philosophy.