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YOUR Destiny Podcast 2092

This is the Spark of Hope version of the eVader/BD/Retribution deck in the YOUR Destiny Gauntlet.

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erosion 1

No room for sinister peace?

Ozmodon 1

Why no Tactical Mastery or Seize The Day?

Ozmodon 1

Supposed to say why not Tactical Mastery over Seize The Day?

Ozmodon 1

Never mind. Spot red.

YOUR Destiny Podcast 2092

@Ozmodon- but you're actually right ... I've swapped the Seize the Day to Tactical Mastery since ... it works better. The BD is always alive unless i Best Defense him to death. Good call after all :D

fallin85 237

How do you play Admiral on Vader if it's Leader only?

Zarkian 1

@fallin85 With the card 'You Are In Command Now'.

fallin85 237

Ah thanks @Zarkian

YOUR Destiny Podcast 2092

@fallin85 - yeah so the Admiral play is tricky as you'll need the You Are In Command Now in your hand first ... we discuss it in the Deck Analysis on our website.

PM Yoda 49

I'm curious as to how are you going to generate enough resources to play some of the more expensive cards like Admiral or Fist.

Is this also in the analysis?