Crowd Control Droids: Gen Con Top 4 (J-Mags Version)

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Crowd Control Droids: Gen Con Top 4 (J-Mags Version) 0 0 0 1.0

CoolBeans 7

Congrats on top4, is Andrew's deck also going to be made available?

blogster 1006

Who's list is this? Did you forget Chewy's blaster? I was pretty sure, like 100% i saw Andrew (who was sitting at the Top 4 Table) had that card out.

littlemag126 445

List literally says J-mags version. We didn't run the same list.

littlemag126 445

`@CoolBeans I'll try to get it posted

General Vatutin 26

I can see taking this to Gencon. Love the thematic pairing of all droid—the best droids in the movies along with K2. Cool it wasn’t that shit art satine that won. How the duck did that art pass quality control?

Anyway, curious if you would play this at a non-tournament and tournament prep, for fun unless the person across you is playing Ewoks, Aphra, etc.? Would the negative play experience be worth playing these turn 1 or 2 kill decks—if not dead, no actual chance in hell of win is still dead turn one or turn two.

Do you think this sort of design is healthy for the game long-term. I get your job is to solve for x and win with what you have. But I am curious If you enjoy the power level present in the current meta?

Sincerely, congrats on coming in and being boss. Now that is over...What effect do these sorts of decks have on the community. As an Armada player, I saw multiple transports at just 18 points out of 400 being played with a single ISD, and other sorts of crazy stuff, that certainly didn’t seem like an actual space battle imagined when I got into it and it ended up ruining my biweekly, regular gameroom three table experience. Destroyed the game by distorting it into some cheap and certainly not fleet battle.

As an expert competitive player you may, or may, not able to separate yourself into casual play. I don’t presume to know, so this may be a silly question that the fanboys will laugh at. However, what do you imagine, if you have, most people who got into the game envision these sorts of quick games where you bring your deck and they just die...quickly. Again, maybe this is more of a question for Team Covenant, but do you approach casual play differently.what about other ps at your FLGS or has this just become a TTS thing for most people because maybe their is difficulty at FLGS to go casual because there is always someone unwilling to throttle back.

When I played against you amazing deck yesterday, it felt like playing MTG which I sold long ago to afford this game. I would play against these guys who spend thousands in MTG grabbing cards that are so powerful, you don’t even play. One thing this game has is I can put Ewoks etc. together on the cheap, so it has that going for it.

Just curious the mind of a champion on these matters? This is not some sort of backhand compliment as one might suspect. Looking for so honest introspection and input you have gathered for others on the ultimate health of this game. The economics seem to be against it on one hand which is a topic for another time. However, at the same time, maybe Destiny not REALLY being a Collectible game in a value sense where all cards eventually are near worthless helps new player get in who may like the game either causally or competitively.

Congrats -Cheers