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YOUR Destiny Podcast 2376

This is Boigne Guerric's deck that went 6-0 at the Standard event at the Paris Galactic Qualifier. You can read his in-depth deck analysis here:

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lij_xo 251

Love the deck! It's great to see something unique, especially using under-appreciated cards like Mechanical Insight and LR-57 Combat Droid. I also love the decision of Canto Casino - Canto Bight, I think this is the perfect deck for itwith ani, 3po, and bb-8.

Might you consider the GH-7 Droid over BB though? Pretty nice to be able to hit things like Target Acquired and Dead Or Alive and allows for chaining.

YOUR Destiny Podcast 2376

@lij_xo - I think BOIGNE GUERRIC build an amazin deck! I've played it 10 times now and LOVE IT ... I like the idea of Gh-7 and have also considered Yoda's Spirit as an addition!

daddy249kart 21

Love the write up and trying some new ideas in a very stale meta. It seems like it has some legs, although I would consider adding in Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder to help deal with Sudden Impact and Fear and Dead Men since these are cards already being utilized due to the Ewoks. All in all, I think it is a great deck and I will give it a try sometime!

YOUR Destiny Podcast 2376

@daddy249kart It does have problems against cards that are tech'ed into decks to combat Ewok Swarms ... no doubt. I've taken some terrible loses with is courtesy of swarm hate :D

ecureuil01 1

Thank you for the kind words guys :) `@lij_xo yes it s an option. I expected ewok to be good and relatively present at paris but not as goos as it was at gencon for sure. So i did no hard tech on it but add a few polyvalent tools instead. I will try it and see where it goes!

@daddy249kart that's a good idea indeed. The reality is i chose to not run it because the meta was not reallyyyy fixed. It was the first big tournament since spark of hope 's release so i needed a versatile deck so to speak. This card is just really good in some match ups but nowadays i will certainly run 2 copies for the ewok and support march ups for sure! It might be good against the han solo gun version to remove a blaster as well

Drammy 1

Any ideas on what to swap 1 Diplomatic Protection out for (as I only have one copy). Am thinking Teamwork but not sure about the 2 cost...?

ecureuil01 1

You can try mend but diplomatic protection is a must have :)

Telcontar 14

This is a fun deck to play! I've had wins against a variety of decks, including a droid mill deck, a Maul deck, and Ewoks, prob. b/c of the high health total and the ability to shield up with Diplomatic Protection.

Now that C-3PO - Perfect Gentleman's point cost has been adjusted so that he can no longer be played elite in this list, would you simply make Little Anakin the elite character?

Also, a card that might be good in this deck is Energize: it allows you to roll a droid die (character or support) into your pool. Might come in handy, since Mr. Bones and the LR-57 Combat Droid are frequently targeted by your opponent for removal.