1st Place Italian National Championship

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1st Place Italian National Championship edit 3 2 1 1.0
Plo Me Away 0 0 0 1.0
1st Place at ROME Prime 11 8 4 1.0

Jolrog 86

Hi my name is Demetrio and this is the deck i used to win the Italian Championship. This deck was also brought by two of my teammates and they were running the exact same list.

Deck guide and cards analysis coming soon.


GregtheBiz 391

Congrats on the Win!! Why Shortcut instead of a second Across The Galaxy? Did Into The Garbage Chute get some play testing?

turgan76 107

Hi, I'm Francesco, and i brought the same deck and lost on top 4 against my friend Demetrio in a very close mirror match.(6-1 in swiss and 2nd in general ranking)

Shortcut is here to counter embargo on Across the Galaxy

Into the garbage was in the deck for long time, but when we included the lightning we had to find space and it was removed.

Queklaine 210

I love the include of one copy of moving rocks. How often did you use that? Was it just there for Rey/Lo or did it come in handy in other games?