Scruffy Looking Dice Rollers Darth Maul - Top 64 at Worlds

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ScruffyLookingDiceRollers 166

This deck was piloted by Richard Hodgson at the recent World Championships. Richard went 6-2 on the first day before losing his first knockout game under some unfortunate circumstances which won't be discussed here.

His write up is as follows;

I've been tinkering with Maul - Skilled Duelist since he arrived in Spark of Hope but I've never settled on his right counterpart. The Watto version is great for splashing all the damage from hand and Watto's PA works so well on Maul himself or for soft mitigation. Captain Phasma - Ruthless Tactician's recent points deduction makes her a good pairing with Retribution but the problem still remains that Maul only works with a big stick on his back.

When you run anything other than a profitable deck you have to either be Theeding your counterparts die, or playing resource generating cards like Truce, Fresh Supplies or Respite. Using the First Order Stormtrooper (which by the way has the same number of damage sides as Phasma) means that you simply hard mulligan for the big lightsaber and play it as your first action. He's then loaded up and ready for your action cheats and power action. Not needing the resource generation cards opens up more action cheats, removal and/or cards like Probe which feel great to play when you see the sinking feeling in your opponents face that you've discarded their only removal in hand.

For Maul himself I prefer Maul's Lightsaber over Darth Vader's Lightsaber because for his power action you don't have that one side at the top of the latter's card. Also you can use Maul's saber for Maul's power action, then use its own power action to get it back in the pool to use with his character dice.

In terms of the deck tech, Mind Extraction is certainly something you need to be running at the moment if you're playing blue villain. I used it three times, once on a palp and twice on C3PO to change games (obviously with C3PO its one of the few times you play the card before the character activates). We decided to remove one Seize the Day and replace it with Pushing Slash purely because Pushing Slash has no conditions to be able to play it.

In terms of the battlefield our thinking was that Maul would be quicker than most decks so if I can go into turn two or three and get another big stick down he's pretty much unstoppable. Or the extra resource opens up the 1 cost mitigation cards and Riot Shield. The ability to draw a card is also strong as once Maul is loaded you really just want to get to your action cheats.

Swiss record: Game 1 - Lost to Palp/Watto played by Stephen Lanza

Game 2 - Beat Kylo/Phasma played by Nerea from Spain

Game 3 - Beat Chopper Droids played by my now good friend Landon

Game 4 - Beat 4LOM 3 wide played by Nick Obee

Game 5 - Beat Vader/Greedo - sorry I didn't write down the chaps name!

Game 6 - Beat Chopper Droids played by Andrew Rothermel (the eventual champ - Congrats man!)

Game 7 - Lost to Chopper Droids played by Gerrit Backes

Game 8 - Beat 4LOM 3 wide played by Norman from Entourage Gaming

Also I'd like to give a shoutout to Brian from Jank it Up for his also amazing Maul deck, totally different but managed the same record. So check out his own deck and breakdown on his podcast. We managed a Maul-off before he had to get his flight and he got the win!


StuMac 14

Really impressive work mate! You’ve worked hard with this deck and proved Maul can be incredibly competitive! I look forward to being whooped with something different now on a weekly basis!

  • Mill Master (Your fellow scruffy)

Sycho 1

Sounds like an amazing run! I've played easily 150 games with Maul decks and would have loved to experience that. I'd be curious to hear what went down in the Palp/Watto match? Did you not pull Mind Exraction? Also, have you faced Reylo much? I don't see any anti-Reylo tech.

ScruffyLookingDiceRollers 166

Stephen is of course one of the best players around and definitely not who I wanted game 1! After a Bacta play I had Palp on 5 health going into round 4 with me to start, I rolled Maul out with Mind Extraction in hand, hoping he'd leave at least 5 damage on the table for me to hit with to be able to then play the downgrade. Unfortunately I didn't hit enough before he rolled out his Palp with two force jumps down. Mind extraction was a late addition to the deck but did some work in the droid matchups and in the pods too against all the Palps.

I played sooooo much Reylo in pods and I think I probably won 60-65% of the matchups. The best counter to Reylo is the Maul power action as it keeps both off characters off the shields. I targeted Rey first as her power action really hurts when used against me, also once she's dead it turns Kylo's off as well. There's a lot of mitigation in the decklist so you have a chance to remove lots of dice before landing those all important tac man-seize the day plays.