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Kr0ozin 1286

This was the list I piloted top a top 4 finish at the 2019 World Championship. This deck is an absolute blast to play if you like big bombs.

Check out my article at http://entouragegaming.com/kroozin-to-top-4-worlds-tournament-report/ for the full breakdown!


Entourage Gaming - Lanza 357

First comment!

shaka2u 1

How many games did you drop the cultural? How'd it do for you?

whataboutb0b 1

@shaka2u wondering the exact same thing. Congrats @Kr0ozin! I've loved 4Lom since he came out. Glad you were able to do so well with him!

JustMaul 1

Really cool deck and it seems to be quite inexpensive!

Platform327 51

Kroozin's baby! Congrats on top 4! I know you put the work in on this deck, months....

Kr0ozin 1286

@shaka2u & @whataboutb0b - I'd say it hit the table in just under half of my games. I was always happy to see it (literally every side of that die is great), but it was ESPECIALLY good in my Top 8 match against Reylo. I got a Forsaken in game 1 and a Hidden Motive in game 2.