Worlds top 32 Jango Palpatine

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red_3 49

This is my worlds top 32 deck. It's two cards different from the version I took to the Tamaqua PA prime. The prime version had a second Dead Or Alive in place of Protective Suit and a Way Of The Force in place of Niman Training.


nerf_shepherd 37

What were your toughest matchups with this deck? Obviously mill was tough but did it feel beatable with this deck? Also, who did you end up closing out games with more?

Vszeus 1

This deck interests me so much !! A fresh take on the Palp deck. Great run man !!

pezyo 22

Congrats on a great finish!

Platform327 49

Wow! What an amazing deck! Congrats!

reihon 1

Force storm, boo! :P

red_3 49

@melondonkey Mill in any form is the deck's toughest matchup. I lost my round of 32 game to Matt's Yoda/Leia mill. Mill might not even be an 80/20 match, it could be closer to 90/10 95/5. Reylo and droids are also tough but I don't know if those are any worse than 45/55. The theory behind the character pairing is that it's mostly a Palpatine deck, but you can set up Jango to win against both droids and reylo if Palpatine is spiked early. Most games I closed with Palpatine.

@Vszeus @pezyo @Platform327 Thanks!

@reihon I've thought more about Force Storm. I think it's 100% right in my version. In all my testing without Storm I needed more big damage upgrades. It's a whole different game when you can't reset your Palpatine with Admiral.

kamikazi20 117

Hey, I wanted to say that I love your deck. On my practice session on Wednesday, I wanted to bounce some ideas on making the deck better:

Notes: When this deck gets going on money and upgrades it goes at the speed of light! But a few times at the start I would draw my big upgrades and the deck moved slow.

I did your suggestion for Way of the Force and dead or alive. I loved it that +1 health and palp dice with that card.

A few ideas and cards: -Instead of Dead or alive how about Well Connected

-Force Storm was great as a turn one but I never had the ability to put it down, thoughts on removing it. Here is the thing Gauntlet Rockets deal way more damage and is cheaper

  • add a Fatal Blow to the deck?

  • Force Jump would be nice

  • Pulse Cannon is nice but, I dont think is needed.

  • More mitigation, more big mitigation


red_3 49

@kamikazi20 Thanks!

YMMV but here are my thoughts on card choices. You could consider swapping Dead Or Alive for Forbidden Lore. I wouldn't swap it for Well Connected, I wouldn't want to give my opponent an extra card. Whereas, Forbidden Lore gives you an extra card and the resource. I dropped Forbidden Lore simply b/c there's a lot of DM in the meta.

I tried dropping Force Storm and found that without it the deck lacked punch in some matchups. I think Force Storm does more damage than Gauntlet Rockets. Both cards have a 4 damage side, but Storm's is black. Additionally, Force Storm can get rolled back in with Palp's power action. Additionally, Force Storm's special side is often a 4 or 5 side because you can reroll back into the 3 or 4 damage sides.

I think Force Jump is too slow to make the cut. I'm usually activating Palp late in the round, at which point you get minimal results from hitting the special. Also Jump is poor value round 1 (by the time you reroll it back in with Palp's power action there are no dice to blank so you're just hoping for the 1 shield side).

Pulse Cannon is to help give Jango another bomb in matchups where Palp gets spiked. It keeps Jango a viable threat into Reylo for example. It's also pretty good to drop on Jango after 4-6 go into Palp to tempt your opponent into switching targets.

I couldn't find any other mitigation events I liked (and space is tight). I like abilities over sub-optimal removal events. Abilities give 1 health and 4 of them provide removal as a play effect (Sith Teachings and Soresu Mastery). Abilities are immune to Counterintel and Probe. Big removal (2 cost or higher) tends to clog early hands.

Good luck!

nerf_shepherd 37

Just to add to the discussion (though I’m not a very competitive player)...I’ve tried both this version and the “Papa Palp” version and though this deck ramps slower and has a harder time getting desperate measures I find it to be more fun to play and more likely to win overall, though both are great.

In terms of mitigation I think Mind Extraction was a fad for worlds and people will be dropping so Protective Suit can go. I will probably be trying Tantrum in its place as it is conditionless zero cost mitigation that can be used easily with Jango or even Palps Saber in a pinch, though I’m a bit afraid it will be a hand clogger.. I think Stifle is hard to time but could also be useful to block a Scorched Earth which I think is becoming the preferred Palp tech.

I couldn’t agree more about Force Jump. I could count on one hand the number of times I’ve had a good blank from the special.