Reylo - Top 32 at Worlds 2019

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zachbunn 558

After over 150 iterations tested of Reylo in the current environment, this is the iteration of the deck I decided to play at Worlds 2019. On a macro strategic level, the biggest difference between this deck and most Reylo decks is that it plays Theed Palace and actually wants to get upgrades down early. I want to see at least 1 one-cost upgrade early and will take resources instead of re-rolling for more damage on the first turn.

This ultimately makes the early game a bit weaker, but the long game much stronger. In the current meta, it specifically means the deck is a little weaker to droids (less likely to spike a character on turn one), but stronger against Aphra, Palp, Mill, Jabba, 4LOM, and the mirror. I felt like Droids were cooling down and the mirror was going to be more common, so I definitely don’t regret my choice of this version of the deck.

Some cards included that are not commonly seen in Reylo decks are Maul’s Saber and No Questions Asked. Maul’s Saber is absolutely a MVP card in the deck, so if you haven’t tried it do yourself a favor and give it a spin. It works particularly well in this deck, as I’m building to a character with 3 upgrades for the endgame. The number of games I’d drop this late in the turn as an overwrite with a melee already showing, a resource, and my opponent out of cards was immense. +3 or +4 damage can completely warp a game!

No Questions Asked was a card most people had to read when I played it, but it really fits this version of the deck. At the end of a game, it can easily be the final straw to topple the game my direction. Removing 2-3 of their best dice when resources are irrelevant AND drawing 3 cards is pretty insane. Even paying 1 to remove dice (like Vader’s Fist) that the deck has trouble removing can be super valuable.

Major props specifically to Eric Wainright for forcing me to evaluate a lot of cards in the deck from a very different perspective and to the entire Tulsa and OKC meta for helping me test in the months leading up to worlds. Also, shout out to all my worlds opponents for all the incredible games. It truly was “peak Destiny”.


MaimVoorhees 99

Congrats man, nice list! Maul Saber is incredible and I’m ashamed I never thought of it for my version.

Drop it like it's Hutt 166

OMG, what a brilliant way to play Maul's Lightsaber. I wanted to put it in my Reylo deck but figured the modified sides were too risky overall. I will definitely take it out for a spin. Thanks for the suggestions and congrats on a great showing at Worlds.

ScruffyLookingDiceRollers 166

Great list! Well played

hayema7 7

What were you looking for in your opening hand? Assuming 1 and 2 cost upgrades, Steadfast, and Adapt but would love to hear your strategy.

zachbunn 558

@hayema7 This is super dependent on the matchup. In general Niman Mastery is the best card in this deck, so I always keep it. Second to that, I would always keep a 2-cost upgrade otherwise. Beyond that, I'm looking for 0-cost control. If I don't see any upgrade, I'll pitch everything except one of my 0-cost control cards. I'm also likely to keep a 1-cost upgrade, regardless of what else is in my hand.

That said, there are matchup dependent cards that I would keep. For example, against droids I really like Steadfast. Moving 2-damage can often be the difference between keeping Kylo alive on turn 2 OR defeating a droid on the first turn of the game. If I'm not playing against yellow villain, R2 quickly becomes one of the best cards in the deck. On and on this goes for each matchup.

Of note, I also sometimes keep Adapt if I have both a 1-cost and 2-cost upgrade in my opening hand. This ensure that no matter which battlefield I'm on, I'm going to get to play both of those cards.

hayema7 7

@zachbunnthanks for the thoughtful response. I'm looking forward to getting some rounds in with the deck. The only card that I don't have is a Yoda's Lightsaber. Would you replace that with another 1 cost (Niman Training or Lightsaber Training Staff) or go with something like Luke Skywalker's Lightning Rod?

zachbunn 558

@hayema7 if possible, get Yoda's Saber! Otherwise, slotting in another 1-cost upgrade is solid. Niman Training is a solid replacement. I still have no idea why people like Luke Skywalker's Lightning Rod!

pcgamerpirate 19

How do you deal with Vader's Fist? That's one problem I've had running reylo

zachbunn 558

@pcgamerpirate simple! You just make sure you cut it to the bottom or your opponents deck. :D Being serious, that's ultimately where No Questions Asked and Unbreakable come in. Beyond that, you've just got to shield as often and fast as you can. Having a special showing on Rey and a Luke's Protection out is helpful, since you can take advantage of the time it takes to get Fist back on the table.