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YOUR Destiny Podcast 2376

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Fromper 130

I like the idea in theory, but the LAAT Gunship just isn't worth it, no matter how you try to spice it up. Also, you're investing 3 resources in it, and Desperate Measures will ditch it quickly.

So here's another idea using the same character/plot combo: ditch the LAAT, and put in two Modified HWK-290s. That way, you'll have 4 ships that can get damage tokens on them, and special chain Yoda and Finn to move that damage to the enemy characters. And since there are 4 ships at only 2 cost each (only 1 cost for the one you pulled out of the deck with AR), they're cheap enough to just replace if they get discarded by DM, Vandalize, or whatever.

I still don't think it'll be even remotely competitive against top meta decks, but it could be fun for a casual deck.