Ottawa Canada Prime Winner 11-3 29/12/20

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Separatist Arkhan 172

Deck I used to win the Ottawa Prime, 36 players on 29/12/20

Round 1 vs Yoda/Rex BTL Round 2 vs Reylo W Round 3 vs Reylo W Round 4 vs 4lom loss Round 5 vs Reylo W Rround 6 vs Yellow Palp W

Top 8 2-1 vs Yellow Palp Top 4 2-0 vs 4lom Final 2-1 vs eBail/eSor/Ani



chazz 157

Howdy! I'd love to hear how the game against eBail/eSor/Ani went. In my experience mill has a significant advantage against Palp. Though that testing has only been against Palp/Watto. Does the Admiral reset make all the difference?

Separatist Arkhan 172

@chazz Yeah, honnestly I felt lucky to win it. The two key cards are Fatal Blow and Admiral. You got enough cheap upgrade, to boost Fatal Blow quite enough, even if you get mill. Bail doesn't have much health, so when you get to knock him down with Fatal Blow it felt good. When you get to play admiral, it's usually enough to kill at least one character.

Embargo, Motti and Mastermind all helped, because I got to call Easy picking and Field Medic quite often. When I Embargo is easy picking first turn one game, I was able to go after Bail instead of Ani and it was quite helpful.

Beside that, it's not a easy match up, but I feel it's a bit better than Watto/Palp. This is one of the reason why I took Red Palp over Yellow palp. The main one being I felt it was easier against Reylo, because of Motti.

Fromper 130

Congrats on winning the Prime!

Why only one of Rout? That seems like a perfect card for this deck.

And why no Protective Suit? In my area, people are including Mind Extraction in any blue villain, as tech against Palp, and that defends against it. For that matter, would you consider adding Mind Extraction for the mirror match?

Any other changes you'd consider?

Separatist Arkhan 172


When you are able to play Rout, it indeed feel amazing. The things is I don't always want to activate Palpatine, so Rout isn't always online. I usually prefer to activate Motti and than load upgrades on Palp, so it can take quite a few actions before Rout is playable.

For protective suit I have instead Separatist Embargo. I felt like Embago was more versatile. When I was facing Reylo I was calling Mind Extration with it for example, but when I was facing something else, like the mill in the final, I was calling other stuff, like Easy pickings, or field medic.

If I felt Red Palp was the most popular Palp, I would probably add a mind extration, but I felt that against yellow palp, we already have a few tools. Mastermind was mvp for me, all days long, I got one Bacta and one Fatal Blow in the top 8 against yellow Palp. I felt enough for me to win the game. Motti is also quite annoying when you discard two or three cards from their hand.

Separatist Arkhan 172

And no I wouldn't change anything right now. I would have taken that deck to LVO this weekend.