Winner Gothenburg Prime (22 players)

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Yoda Leia Mill - Worlds Top 4 40 30 18 1.0
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Gaute&Filip 34

This deck is an adjusted version of the Worlds top 4 mill deck. The main changes are that I took out 2x Resistance Ring, because of the restricted list. I added two Force Meditation instead. Not as strong, obviously, and useless in the endgame. But they still pack a punch in the start of the game. I also took out a Niman Mastery due to the fact that I only have one :( and added a Riot Shield instead. I'm not a fan of Defend, so I took out one of those and added a Flames of the Past. I added 2x Beguile, and took out 1 Jedi Mind Trick and 1 Snuff Out. I just feel that Beguile is better suited for my style of play. And I took in 1 more Motivate and out one No Questions Asked.

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