Five Months of Reylo

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savingewoks 15

I've been playing this deck for five months, since the Monday before the Smuggler's Run Gaming Prime in Portland, Oregon - the only change I've really made over this time was switching out a Crossguard Lightsaber for Maul's Lightsaber


kshock68 39

What kind of changes do you have in mind when/if Covert Missions comes out? Nullify will be in there for sure!

savingewoks 15

@kshock68 i swap Anakin Skywalker's Lightsaber into the slot I have Rey's Lightsaber. I’ll likely give Nullify a shot, as well as Stand Firm. I’m also really intrigued by the Vibro-Arbir Blades for this deck - just worried about having enough resources.

AstroLad 368

deck name legit sounds like a threat. what are your demands

savingewoks 15

@AstroLad well, a covert missions drop like, four months ago would be great. In lieu of that, maybe just rolling some star wars themed collectible dice with friends and a pint in a semi-competitive environment.