Aphra Phasma Messenger O66 Raleigh Prime Winner

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VehicularSupport 41

Below is a summary of the regional event, for a deck write up checkout echobase.me in the next couple of days.

The regional was on the smaller side with 18 participants. We played 5 rounds of swiss with a cut to top 4 with best of 3 sets. I finished the day without a loss, going 9-0.

Round 1 Kylo Phasma

Three wide rainbow is Kylo kryptonite. This was a reluctant win as it was against our community leader who was celebrating his birthday. I got both 000 and BT1 out by early round 2. If I remember correctly I only played one EO66 in this match, maybe two, but relied on the droids to get the win.

Round 2 eFenn Rau, Han4, Clone trooper

This matchup was against the winner of last year's Raleigh regional and was the closest game of the day. I targeted Fenn with EO66, much of the early indirect went to the clone trooper who had an LS1 cannon. I was able to knock off the trooper around the time Aphra went down. Around round 4 or 5 Han had a Rex Blaster and Han Blaster. After Dustin claimed I had 4 dice in my pool and needed to get 2 additional damage between phasma and BT1 to finish Han. I made a mistake by only rerolling phasma, but she hit her focus and I had a resource to finish pay for the 3/1 on BT. Dustin drew into instigate the following round but didn't have enough dice to finish SM and Phasma. If Han had survived I likely lose this game.

Round 3 Reylo

I focused on using EO66 on Rey to prevent a shield wall. Will rolled extremely bad with kylo and wasn't able to get much going this game.

Round 4 eSnoke/Mud/Mando

This was another close game. I don't remember all the details, but my focus was on using my single die removal to control the 2 troopers to prevent the Snoke PA. I played against this deck in a regional a couple of weeks ago with a Chopper AR deck and didn't have the answers for the trooper dice, but I was able to maintain control in this matchup.

Round 5 Dryden Pryce

Being able to completely control Dryden made this a frustrating game for John. He was able to get Admiral out to end round 2, but his re-sets in round 3 failed to connect with dryden specials leaving him with a very dry board.

Top 4 Reylo

Same matchup from round 3. Locking down reylo made game one go quickly in my favor. Game two was a disastrous start. No EO66 or murder bots in the first two rounds. Aphra went down and I had limited damage on Rey. Round 3 I dropped MBT and had two EO66 to completely control his round and take charge.

Final Snoke M&M

Same opponent from Round 4. Russell is in the top, if not the best player in our area. Even though I won early, I was nervous going into this match. In the first game he was definitely ahead, but I was able to DM his Mega, then used dangerous maneuver to move damage around when he had lethal showering for Aphra and Messenger forcing him to choose a target. Saving messenger allowed me to get my MBT on the table and swing the game. Game two was very comfortable as I controlled his troopers. In the final I think he only used Snoke PA once or twice in the two games.


Queklaine 222

Congrats. I love the include of the police. Thats a card I always want to play and never seem to find room for. I was curious on a couple of the 1ofs. I can see having the officer as another leader and the sailor for more focus and draw. I was surprised to see only 1 crash landing since that feeds aphra so well. Only 1 order 66 which obviously means 5 in the deck was a little surprising as well. Any changes you would make? Were there any unexpected MVPs or cards that performed better or worse than expected?

VehicularSupport 41

@Queklaine Thanks!

It's funny you should say that about Police because going forward that is the first card I would cut. I included it as a target for Aphra and because it offered situational removal. Previously I struggled with Aphra's removal suite and I liked the idea that it gave me another option. In the end, I do not think it was worth running. I found the removal as is to be sufficient.

The reason for only running 1 crash landing goes back to those same removal suite struggles. In the past, I have found myself in spots where I didn't want to or couldn't take damage. I swapped in 1 A Sinister Peace instead because the deck has cards that you will be discarding (extra copies of 000/BT1, possibly scorched) and it offers hard removal.

Part of the reason I only ran 1 EO66 because I felt 5 in the deck would be enough in games I wanted it. With the amount of draw I can generate (and discard at end of round if necessary), I can try to find them if needed. The main reason was I really did not want to have 2 of them in games that I did not want - specifically ewoks and any wide deck with no elite characters. It also allowed me to run "an additional" card in my main deck.

Outside of 000, BT1, and EO66 I think Solar Sailer is the MVP. I think it is a very strong card for this deck. The draw synergy is good, but the 2 resource and 2 shield side are phenominal. The games I was able to play it round one (2 or 3 times on the day), I felt unstoppable.

At this event, I felt Probe underperformed. I honestly wasn't very concerned about my opponents controlling my dice - a good portion of my damage generation was from 000 pings with my self indirect, Assassin droid activations and EO66. I went with Probe over Counterintel because I was fearful of Ewoks and sniping 2 events from hand felt better than delaying 1 event for a round. If I didn't have conern about Ewoks being played, I would probably drop Probe altogether. For the 1-3 cards I would drop (counting Police) I would add in Act of Cruelty and/or Lure to really push the aggression of the deck and out of hand damage.