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TheHyperloops 3654

The following is a decklist featured on article discussing the Top 10 Commons from Covert Mission. Check it out! >

For those unaware this is an old archetype from trilogy. The big synergy is using Lando's 4 side with Leia's Power Action. I have four 0 cost events that can flip to the 4 side although For a Price might prove to be too big of a liability.

Because of Covert Mission I have a few powerful silver bullets that can be game changing. Millennium Falcon while not plan A can be played if we collect resources with Lando's resource side. Falcon has a solid die which can discard, produce resources or add 3 shields. Escape Craft is already a reasonable card when it costs one due to Lando's ability so the opportunity cost of having it in our deck is fine. Snuff out can be searched out as a first action if you have 3 resources and the battlefield. Bespin Wing Guard while not powerful does solve the problem of discarding cards from opponents hands if Leia has been knocked out - this is another reason I like one Falcon in the deck.

Anakin's Podracer seems too good to pass up for one. I am unsure of Loth Cat's downside but this color combo struggles to interact when it has no resources. Because of that I think having a 0 cost removal is worth trying.

The big issue is discarding cards from once Leia has died and there aren't great solutions to that problem, Bespin Wing Guard is admittedly bad value but it does do something that we desperately need in a situation that is bound to come up. We might want to look at Imperial Palace if we are worried about getting the last few cards from hand but Salt Flats works really well with our line-up.


helikaon 34

Unscrupulous was one I always considered for this character combo when I messed with them a while back. Cheap way to help Lando close out.

Deathtrooper099 84

Moxie is good too w/ Leia’s power action or Lando.