Pirates - eKragan/eIDT/AR echobase deck review

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Echo7 316

For the full deck review, check out: https://echobase.me/2020/03/12/pirates/


draken1001984 28

@Echo7, did you guys do testing with an entourage package? Replacing Conscript Squad with Hired Muscle and Megablaster Troopers with Entourage? If so, how was that testing and what made y'all go with the Red package?

Echo7 316

Excellent question. I did actually play Entourage in the first iteration, but found it to be inconsistent and fairly non impactful without any focus sides. Conscript Squad and Megablaster Troopers seem to work much better with the ranged sides on my character dice, and give the Imperial Death Trooper more chance to use his Power Action.