Rau... Luke can really dance... - Artificery TTS League Febr

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None. Self-made deck here.
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eLukeR5/eFenn 0 0 0 1.0
Rau/Luke-Destroy the death star TTS 0 0 0 1.0
ePoe, eHan, double down 0 0 0 1.0

thegandork 835

Gaute&Filip 34

That video was epic...

BigCatDragon 41

"What a Coincidance!" Also I like this deck! I think luke is one of the better pilots in the set and fenn rau fits in well! Have you played it much?

Echo7 316

@thegandork we're thinking of doing a Fenn/Luke/AR write-up for echobase.me Would you mind if we used your decklist on the site, as a basis for the review? Or even better, would you be willing to do a write-up for us to publish? That would be a great honour, but just using your decklist would be great if you aren't keen/don't have time to do a writeup.

thegandork 835

@Echo7 You guys are more than welcome to do a write up on my list. I don't think I really have the time.


Echo7 316

@thegandork thank you and no worries.

General Vatutin 26

@thegandork what do you use AR on? Luke’s X-wing What was your finish out of how many players?

Echo7 316

@thegandork the review is now up on echobase.me thanks again

@General Vatutin he won the whole thing