Entourage Gaming 5/7 second place

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RebelTraitor 233

Should have been first if I didn't mess up my sequencing.

Round 1: Enfys/Piett/rebel hanger. Enough good control and a couple DMs make this pretty much free.

Round 2: Maul/Enfys/Order 66. This was super close. I was way behind in damage for most of the game, and had a krennic with just 2 health left into his almost full health Maul, but I ended up doing the 9 or so damage I needed in one round with a megablaster and some droids.

Round 3: Motti/Sly/Pyke mill. I thought I had no chance to win but Death field really let me get back into the race. In the final round he had just Sly with like 5 health and I have two cards in hand, he rolls in and hits double discard, so I have to roll my to victory. I end up discarding his control off of a fickle discard and an Aphra discard so I could safely PA death field and I found another couple damage somewhere to win. Shoutout to my opponent for using hatching a plan to mitigate death field.

Round 4: Reylo. I had an amazing round one with both droids and two fickles. Got Megablaster turn two and the rest is history. Ended up winning by DMing my own megablaster to proc 0-0-0.

Round 5: Old man Luke/Yoda/LSM. This one is recorded if you want to watch it. Basicially I call it halfway through the match because I was super far ahead, and I was. A good player couldn't have lost from there. Luckily for my opponent I'm bad. basically on the final turn I a shien on two shield, soresu on special, and death field on 3 indirect. He has shien showing 3X and I have seven health, so I resolve death field thinking I'm safe and I forget the falling avalanche he has under LSM so I die.

This deck is really fun to play. The rule of two to guarantee the outcast start is great, krennic to guarantee a resource turn one is great, and jamming big abilities into a support deck is really fun. The death field is certainly fun, but I might cut it because they can just kill Outcast and then you cry. Overall there's not much I was missing, but I do want to try out some other things. Aphra has quickly become one of my favorite characters in the game and I think she's actually really good. Look for a list with an even spicier character than outcast in the near future.

Also I have to shoutout ABG who were the first ones who had the idea to play Outcast with Aphra


RebelTraitor 233

www.youtube.com link to the finals

blogster 1006

At the 7:17 mark you had DM and just discarded rather you should of took out the free upgrade for shields aka Defensive Teaching for zero indirect. (probably didn't matter in the loss) It was fun to watch a "non" meta decks, I always have problems with Luke and the shield vs melee ability. Remove a damage die doesn't work with Luke. Well played.

ThisIsDavin 25

I'm confused (and need some explaining on this plot mechanic)... you control 3 characters right? so, at the start of turn 1, you deal yourself an indirect and throw away the plot right?

ThisIsDavin 25

ohhhh.... lol... that is the intent!!! took me a few minutes to understand it ;)

utterlymilked 1

Rule of two doesn't work with aphra. I'm not sure if you just felt like having a 28 point health pool for no benefit or if the tournament in which you played a special rule was made but this has been established for a while now

RebelTraitor 233

@utterlymilked and everyone else struggling to understand the rule of two, it doesn't give you an Aphra draw because the deck technically isn't in play when it gets discarded, but it does put a damage on the outcast.

Echo7 316

@RebelTraitor I do like this deck, it's really quite different from a lot of other stuff out there. I'm planning on a Force Sensitive Outcast character review article, and would like to give this deck a quick review in the article. Would you mind me putting this up on echobase.me in that capacity?

Alternatively, would you be willing to do a full review - nothing too onerous, just why you went with this lineup, what worked well for you, what didn't. Cheers

RebelTraitor 233

@Echo7 yeah I'd love to do that. Where can I send it to you?