Anakin/Ahsoka - TTS Destiny UK Tournament III Winner

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KeirS 78

This was my deck that won the UK TTS Thematic tournament. The tournament stated only 2 wide, had to be thematic (so on screen time, comics or extended cannon) and certain characters/cards were banned to even the playing field.

Before this tournament I had given this deck a spin as I previously really enjoyed it. I wouldn't say it's a tier 1 deck, but it performed really well in this tourney (other than when anakin forgets that he has sides on his die)

I'm happy with the upgrade suite however I'm on the fence of having both the Merchant Freighterand Adapt. At times I felt that both weren't neccessary, but at other times I felt like they were cruicial in building a big board state. Especially with Anakins 4 for 1 side, an Adapt can be so crucial.

A full writeup will be coming soon on echobase so keep an eye out!


ScruffyLookingDiceRollers 166

Great work!

General Vatutin 26