And So It Is - 4-0 3rd TTS Polish Open Winner

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TurkeyClubSamich 118

I piloted this mill deck to a 4-0 finish in an 11-player tournament. A few notes about the deck:

I really don't like Force Meditation, and I've seen a fair number of hero mill decks running it. I strongly prefer Lore Hunter, since it costs 1 and isn't a dead upgrade once your opponent runs out of deck. It also always does what you want it to do, unlike FM, which is at the mercy of the dice. It's fine if you have Yoda - Wizened Master, but I don't like it here.

I felt like I could get away with playing 5 spot blue cards, 2 copies each of Clever Distraction and Fluid Riposte, and 1 copy of Bewilder, since most players will target Bail Organa - Alderaanian Senator or Anakin Skywalker - Podracing Prodigy, the latter more so when Anakin Skywalker's Podracer hits the board. I was never unable to play those cards, so the gamble paid off.

Refusal is an underappreciated card that can be absolutely devastating late in the game, particularly against big-little decks. It's a little dicey to play early, since you don't want to assist your opponent's ramp, hence running only one copy, but it can straight up end a game when played in the right situation.

Ping damage had been a problem for this deck in earlier builds, particularly Doctor Aphra - Artifact Hunter decks, and with Palpatine - Unlimited Power and his Death Field returning to tier-1, as well as the occasional Commander Pyre - Harsh Negotiator deck, I decided to work in 2 copies of Bubble Shield. I figured there would be plenty of indirect damage to absorb. It proved to be very useful in my final matchup against Darth Bane - Ancient Master.

Keys to playing the deck:

Mulligan for Lore Hunter, Anakin Skywalker's Podracer, Easy Pickings, Loth-Cat and Mouse, Into The Garbage Chute, Vandalize, and Pacify.

Prioritize getting resources round 1 (pretty standard, but bears noting). Build your board before going nuts trying to discard your opponent.

Try your hardest to force difficult decisions with Lor San Tekka - True Believer's power action. If it's apparent that you would only get a weak card with the other two being removed from the game, hold off on using his PA until you can offer a more difficult choice, the exception being when you just need a card to re-roll with.

The 3 side on Rebellion Leader is your friend. It will probably be your only friend if you run mill all the time.

Happy milling!


P0em 381

I love it Turkey! Nice run. Bubble shield is a great include.

Buffybot 317

Nice deck! I'd like to try this out. I'm curious, what upgrades or supports did you discard with Vandalize?

TurkeyClubSamich 118

`@Buffybot Thanks! I discarded a Megablaster Troopers in my matchup against Beckett IDT Calling In Favors, and I discarded Force Storm against Bane. I try to make sure I find an opportunity to play it while I still have all my characters. You effectively take a round off from building your board, since you can't resolve many/any dice, but it's worth it every time if you can get something that threatening out of the way.

TurkeyClubSamich 118

I want to give a shout out to@P0emfor all his assistance. He provided hours and hours of play testing (mostly beating me into the ground) and several excellent suggestions for deck building. I wouldn't have seen the success I've had without his help.