Action Cheats and Mean Streets - EG 7/23 Winner

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RebelTraitor 233

(I'm working on a more extensive write-up for echo base.)

This deck is really, really, strong despite not including any copies of fateful companions.

Matchups: Round 1: Poe/Han. This guy was running Hijack specifically for my deck, but he didn't draw it until round 2, when I had a TLT down.

Round 2: Luke/Obi/United we stand. A deck with only 2 dice has a hard time standing up to this much removal.

Round 3: Qui-gon/Yoda/United. I was able to find a yoda kill pretty quickly and then create a loop with action cheats and mean streets.

Round 4: eFives/Ani/Hoth/FC. A well timed Jump to lightspeed and a solid roll-out that threatened 2 characters won me this game.

Round 5: Anakin/Wookie/Tribe. I went into the last round with 2 health left on Padme compared to 9 left on Vader. Vader had 3 upgrades, I had a Padme's ship with a TLT on it. I need to draw 2x impulsive, another action cheat, and roll a 3 focus on one of my dice to win. All those happened so I took won the game and the tournament!


Echo7 316

Full deck review is now live on echobase:

nerf_shepherd 37

This deck is soo so good. I have not played it in a tournament but against any casual deck or anything tier two it seems untouchable.