The Wolffe Pack

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TheBastMaster 62

Tinkered with this deck for a while and played it in a small (3 rounds) Dice Commando Team tournament and went 3-0, besides other TTS games most of which I won with this.

EDIT: You can now see the finale of the DC Team tournament here:

And also the Deck Tech video of the deck done by our lovely Andrew from Dice Commando:

The main player of our line-up is of course Clone Commander Wolffe, elite so we get the indirect damage, and FC (love it or hate it), which has emerged again with the release of Transformations.

The potential of this combination is quite massive. Controlling the battlefield and spotting 3 unique red characters you can dish out up to !14! damage without any other cards.

6 come from Wolffe's activation and the potential rest comes mostly from your Clone Trooper dice, on which you also get 1/2 rerolls with Arc Trooper Fives so hitting damage is quite likely. Clone Commander Cody too is not just a neat filler, but also a leader and his special has the potential of helping you with the deck's greatest problem:

Battlefield control is key while Wolffe is still alive and you are very unlikely to win the roll-off against most decks (with Cody being your only die for that). So a hard mulligan for Seizing Territory is key to getting a good start into the game. Cody's special can help, but it is only a 1/6 chance and can be mitigated. If you do not get the battlefield round 1, you have to do your best to put damage in and prepare for the coming rounds. Be mindful to claim the battlefield!

Once in control you are unlikely to ever loose it, since this deck is very fast due to Wolffe's ability and Five's rerolls, from then it is only a matter of staying alive and hitting.

Half the deck is to keep your team alive and spread damage around. Only a few dice cards like a Handheld L-S1 Cannon and 2 Conscript Squad to help out should Wolffe fall early. The deck is low cost, with a few tech cards to ramp and/or increase burst damage like Motivate. Seize the Day together with your indirect and good roll chance on the clone dice is a character killer, use it well. And don't forget that Wolffe's & Five's dice stay in the pool since they come from the set aside area should either die.

If you made it to the end then I thank you very much for reading and I hope you found this interesting. I appreciate any feedback on the deck itself and this description.


mstephan98 1

This is SUPER nice! My friend group plays infinite, and I'm pretty stocked to filter in some nasty red cards like Feint, Defensive Position and Hit and Run. All around super solid deck!

Big Nexuu 1

Isn't Fatefull banned with Fives

TheBastMaster 62

@Big Nexuu Not to my knowledge.

lord_vader 172

@Big Nexuu I've seen some people house rule banning Fateful with Fives but its not an official rule

lord_vader 172

Why not get Military Camp - Kaller as your battlefield so with one action you can activate all your characters? That would solidify claiming the battlefield which you pointed out you desperately need

Conor_King 1

@lord_vader Bendu's Is just better. Extra die, which this is deck likes, with good sides. Plus, wolffe moves the deck along fast enough.

TheBastMaster 62

@lord_vader Once you get the battlefield Wolffe activates the other two anyway with FC. And since Cody is the only character who you could get the reroll on, the benefit is marginal. Since it is unlikely that one wins the roll off, I chose a battlefield that gives a good advantage should the unlikely case happen. Though it is definitely replaceable with other strong ones like Salt Flats.

Rozzle 1

You could put fighting pit in and reroll clone trooper dice I have the exact same deck an won first round