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ParkerSimpsonArtwork 29

Hello Internet! Parker with Parker Simpson Artwork here, bringing you a spicy SWD love child from myself and Phil of Chimaera!

I normally stick to the task of drawing cards rather than playing them, but when Phil and I discussed Wullffwarro's ability it got my attention. The base line up of this team was 100% Phil's concept, but since he has a man crush on General Veers at the moment he tasked me with exploring this deck.

The basic idea is this: Bring single die Wullffwarro at 16pts with two Vengeful Wookiees for the remaining 14pts, then deal yourself at least 6 damage on each Vengeful to turn on their abilities. The initial thought was to bring Tarfful at 14pts to minimize overflow damage from Wullffwarro's effect, plus adding an additional health to each wookiee. That may be a strong option to explore, but in the initial testing I wanted to lean into a support heavy deck since this concept is stuck in the land of mono yellow.

(Unnecessary side note - Starting each game with this deck makes me feel like I'm playing Yugioh again. I'LL TAKE 17 DIRECT DAMAGE TO MY LIFEPOINTS TO SUMMON THE THE MIGHTY CHEWBACCA!)

That brought me to Chewbacca - Imposing Figure who brings another 13 health to the mix, a useful power action, and most importantly, a two resource side. I choose to bring him in elite at 17pts, which gives me the 12 damage needed for the Vengefuls and 5 damage to spread between him and Wullffwarro. Chewy also brings scoundrel to the table which helps round out the Entourage support package. I don't think I have to elaborate on the strength of Entourage, but I do want to mention how fantastic Raiding Party is. Being able to steal resources off an opponent's Merchant Freighter or Lightsaber Tonfa feels good, not to mention the added benefit from getting next turn's resource early from your own Merchant or speeding up your Improvised Explosive to pressure damage.

Sadly this build is stuck with mono yellow, so no Fortitude, Run To Safety, or other red healing, but the benefit of two Vengeful Wookiees online at the start of the game outweighs that for me. That is the lifeblood of this deck - having the ability to both soft mitigate any dice and then remove a dice in the same action, with no resource cost or cards from hand. While you are starting with a less than optimal health pool the amount of control you trade that for makes it worthwhile. Relying on your characters for mitigation helps clear out the deck space for a well rounded support suite and the option of spicy tech.

This build being four characters takes me back to the glory days of Ewoks and the unusual cards they could make use of. My first thought went to Convergence, a card that I adored in Ewoks. With four characters and the ability to mitigate/move damage around keeps this card at full power for at least the first few rounds. Being able to dumpster a blue character's Shien Mastery or run off a red player's Megablaster Troopers for two resources feels strong. Removing opponent's upgrade and supports from play is just another form of mitigation!

Chewy's guardian ability has come in handy quite a bit, allowing another consistent form of control without having to rely on cards in your hand. Having four characters also opens up cards like Support of the Tribe and keeps cards like Near Miss online for most of the game. Ewok Ambush does serious work in this deck, as it allows you to benefit from a Vengeful Wookiee's effect then either play additional mitigation from hand or simply activate the other Vengeful to mess with up to four dice.

I also included some other tech that is more of a hit or miss. Fling is strong into middle middle decks since you have two characters with 13 health, but becomes a dead card against characters like Bane, Ackbar, or Transformations Luke. Reckless Ambush has proven strong into the pirate match up since it is not resource dependent and allows you to punish them for giving you a Pirate Loyalist. It makes it even better when you stack on more damage to their 'traitor' with Chewbacca's power action.

Overall I'm fairly pleased with the results so far. I cannot understate the fact that I am an extremely casual player, but for me to do as well with this deck as I have definitely lends credence to the concept. I have loved brainstorming this with Chimaera, but I am ready to see what the rest of the SWD community can come up with. How would you adjust this deck? Do you switch the wookiee that you summon with Wullffwarro? Do you go upgrade heavy vs supports?

Hit me up on Facebook to discuss your thoughts! Then stick around to check out the illustration work I do to help make this game even more fun!


Echo7 266

Love it. Been trying to think of a way to break Wulffwarro, and double Vengeful is a great idea.

Spike Seyfried 1

It occurs to me that in 40/40 format, you could have another Vengeful and Valorous Tribe.


Very interesting concept, figuring out a way around the double Vengeful was challenging!