Poe drives an AT-AT

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Buffybot 311

He can also fly a Star Destroyer!

Finn - First Order Defector gives you access to red villain vehicles. Poe Dameron - Ace Pilot's special lets you discard Blizzard 1 from your hand to resolve its 7 ranged damage side. Ouch!

Was that fun? Want to do it again? Cheat gets it back in your hand.

Investigate helps get it in your hand to begin with.

If you're up against Ewoks or many characters, using Poe's special on Umbaran Hover Tank will do even more damage. That vehicle is also realistically costed, so you can get it down in play instead of discarding to use with Poe's special.

Yoda - Wizened Master is elite so you can chain his special into Poe's special.

Poe's die is crucial, so play Stolen Datapad on Finn to protect it. He should be targeted last. Play Han Solo's Dice on him, to fuel Appraise.

Separatist Landing Craft provides the bonus fun option of adding a Battle Droid to your team.

You have Tech Team, Rally Aid and Appraise to provide discounts for your vehicles.

C-3PO provides a back-up plan to trigger specials, useful if Yoda goes down early.

This is a first draft, suggestions for improvement welcome!


Conor_King 1

TBH, i'm fairly certain you can't mix ARH and CI cards together even in Infinite. I know the site allows it, but I don't think you should do it. CI has their own infinite document that differs in pretty serious ways compared to Dice Commandos Infinite holocron which ARH endorses.

Buffybot 311

@Conor_King I understand what you're saying, but I play mostly casual, so from my perspective, it's all about what your group wants to do and is comfortable with. Using the full range of cards is fun! I'd be happy to see the two New Destiny Hungary sets on here too. They are on the Kingwood Hobbies website. There's interesting ideas in both sets, and of course Mando characters, which the game is crying out for. So, I'm glad this site allows infinite to include ARH and TCI, while also making it super-easy to block sets from inclusion in your deck build if you don't want to include both, which is what most people will do, and what I usually do too.

Conor_King 1

@Buffybot Fair enough. I actually went back and checked TCI's site and I was technically wrong anyways. They don't have an infinite document yet, I was thinking about their standard holocron which has big differences compared to ARH. I'm sure their infinite will be different but if you're playing casual infinite then yeah, go for it, use whatever you want.