Luke's Training

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Guigeek 1

Hey thank you for this decklist Just a question : how do you manage to add Obi Wan in your team? The website tool does not allow me to select the card because it has no die... Any tips ? Thanks !

CharlieWonka 247

Same as any other character. Just choose him as 1 or 2 Dice. It screws up the points still somehow so showed as NaN so you have to do the maths to make sure it is legal but then works like any other deck. @Guigeek - I made this deck in google chrome web browser and works fine

Buffybot 311

@Guigeek I have also had this issue when creating a new deck with Transformations cards. Not sure what the problem is. My workaround is to copy a deck that has the card(s) you want, then edit it. Or clone one of your earlier decks, then edit it, if you were able to build decks with those cards before this issue cropped up. @CharlieWonka I like the look of this! Are you getting much use out of that Sandcrawler?

CharlieWonka 247

`@Buffybot So far I have only played one game with the deck and it didn't get played. I wanted more shield sides in the deck. You could go for Republic Jedi Armor but Ididn't like the look of the pay sides for the shields so went for the Sandcrawler in this slot. I think the You Will Go to the Dagobah System can probably be replaced with something else that gives shields out of hand Defensive Stance maybe. 1 game in against Boba/Jango and we managed to flip Luke on the turn we used the Obi Power Action. Definitely fun to play. May need some more aggressive cards for later in the game once Luke is flipped.

Erik_ 14

I like the look of this deck! I was wondering if it would be a good idea to have Obi-Wan be non-elite, the Apprentice elite, and you'd make room for Jedi Code, and giving a bit more ramp with the extra die perhaps. Although there is probably a lot of value in removing 3 extra dice the turn you want to flip Luke.

I'd also be very tempted to just play one copy of Padawan Braid, to allow Luke to go through the trials post-flip.

CharlieWonka 247

I like the idea of the Padawan Braid, would certainly make the Dagobah more useful overall.

Guigeek 1

@Buffybot``@CharlieWonkaThanks, I am in the same case as BuffyBot