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siwelnivek 31

I'm a bit confused by your choice of moves and battlefield in this deck. Wouldn't Abandoned Refinery - Savereen be a better battlefield? And shouldn't you include Shien Mastery in your deck, if you plan to use Falling Avalanche and Fluid Riposte as your move events?

Echo7 316

Shien Mastery is a form, so can't be played on Vader if you want to load him up with Jar'Kai.
Fluid Riposte is excellent 1 for 1 removal, Shien or no. However, I'm inclined to agree though that Falling Avalanche may not be the best choice for the deck. I'd suggest Fatal Blow might work better. I'd also consider a Bacta Therapy.

Regarding the battlefield, I back up his choice. Abandoned Refinery requires you to ditch an upgrade to play another. I don't think this is likely to be a common occurrence in a deck that's aiming to play 5 upgrades on Vader and a weapon on FN. Deathwatch Hideout is much more versatile.

CharlieWonka 247

Hey, thanks for looking,

I think echo7 has covered most of the points there. As for the Falling Avalanche let me elaborate a little why I went for that move over something like Fatal Blow.

Firstly, I don’t trust Vader to roll damage on character dice for Fatal Blow and Falling Avalanche works on any melee dice. Wait until you slice a character in two with a Jar’kaing Falling Avalanching Punch Dagger.

Secondly, the Jar'Kai can really boost those resource sides on your weapons so it becomes playable quite quickly once you are set up.

Bacta is a great shout though and might need to be squeezed in