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JrakPiN 10

Mace is pretty much the perfect partner for Cal.

So now his points are reduced, and you can play these two together, this deck is a force to be reckoned with!

Mace goes digging for the type of upgrade your missing, gives Cal a shield. And Cal uses those upgrades to eventually bump his own dice!

You can even do some nice play with bouncing Windu's saber.

Military camp is great for overwhelming opponents, your playing LOTS of upgrades. Enjoy watching your opponent try and deal with 10 dice comming at them EVEN IN a meta of headstrong, force reflexes, so on.


Echo7 316

Nice deck.

Echo7 316

Deck write-up, along with write-ups of many other decks using characters balanced down in the latest ARH holocron, is now live here:

siwelnivek 25

I like the look of this pairing.

lukusbiriyani 8


Focus Ninja 1598

@lukusbiriyani It's literally part of the ARH gauntlet. You just don't know how to identify what's good because you're bad.

Big Nexuu 1

@Focus Ninjashhhhhhhhhhhh i know the creator

JrakPiN 10

@lukusbiriyani this guy knows me, he's just a grief lol

JrakPiN 10

@Big Nexuu I don't know who this is however