Ninth Tenth

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9th & 10th's Symphony of Destruction 0 0 0 1.0

Echo7 316

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siwelnivek 31

Just a couple of suggestions. You could replace Salt Flats - Crait with Chalmun's Cantina - Tatooine for more dice optimization, and you can replace Prescient Leap with Merchant Freighter for more generation.

Echo7 316

That's a nice battlefield for the free reroll. I mostly go Salt Flats because it works so well with Ninth's , which Tenth is copying (because if you force a reroll your opponent is more likely to take the damage, or have their hand obliterated).

As for Merchant Freighter, maybe I should find room for it. But Prescient Leap is a meta call. With all the blue villain around, discarding upgrades is incredibly powerful. It's fairly easy with this deck to load it up and trash an opponent's Niman Mastery. But against support decks it's dead.