Kingwood Hobbies $10 Decks - Escaping Hays Minor

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Escaping Hays Minor

Born in the mines of Hays Minor, Rose Tico, along with her sister, planned and executed their escape to join The Resistance. This is that journey. Enlisting the help of some unsavory, yet good-hearted characters, Rose and her sister manage to get off-world and enlist in the fight against the First Order.

All of Kingwood Hobbies' $10 decks are complete gaming experiences and come with everything you need to play Destiny.

The Team listed in the title.

  • 30 card deck on-theme with the characters and at least 10 dice cards.
  • All necessary dice.
  • Relevant battlefield
  • Deck Box
  • Tokens needed to play.
  • Cards arrive sleeved and ready to go.

Kingwood Hobbies $10 decks are made with the thousands of spare cards I have leftover from opening boxes and buying collections. The included image is not necessarily the exact list of this deck, but it will be similar. Each deck is built after it's been ordered.

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