ARH Sunday Funday 1st Place Jyn-Han Supports

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Tatooine GO Heat 1 - Place Jyn-Han Supports 1 0 0 1.0
Tatooine GO Heat 1: 1st Place, Jyn Han Supports 1 1 0 2.0

Norman 26

This is ARH standard format with the reprint list operational on 9/26/21. Wins against Ozzel-3x Jawa-Pyke, KAM-Old Man Luke, Yoda-Bail-Jawa, and a Jyn-Han Upgrade-centric deck.

The deck's thesis is that unlike our "traditional" Jyn-X decks that try to push upgrades before activating Jyn, we don't care about upgrades at all but rather control the opponent as quickly as possible. Often your first actions in a round are going to be activating Han, then activating Jyn, and THEN start deploying stuff. Strip the cards from their hand and get to work. If they attack Han, they have to deal with Jyn all game. If they attack Jyn, you don't have to worry about spot yellow at all.

Friends In Low Places being available to you is absurdly good and is often action 3 in a round to send them down to next to nothing of a hand. It's fantastic in the deck.

Don't be afraid to use Jyn's PA as a means of denying them a final reroll if it helps. Crush their dreams of the last-second godroll.

A couple of small changes I'd make -- I think going back to 2x MFM is right, taking out LothCat. I was originally on only 1x Conscript Squad but with 2x I feel better about the 2x MFM. Redemption never made an appearance and typically doesn't. I think it may be better to run Stinger Mantis or a Wookiee Fluttercraft since they're cheaper.

The reprint list as it is now definitely helps drive this deck. I don't think it will be nearly as viable without FILP, Easy Picks, and Crait Speeders.

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