Funday Sunday 2nd place (4-0) + Tatooine GO winner (5-1)

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Hipo 71

If you know me at least a little bit, you know I'm a sucker for aggro decks (the more it cheats/fixes, the better). It's also no secret I played Mando... a lot. I was using the same pairinig since High Stakes release event, it won me one season of Artificery league, as well as second place of Artificery Invitational.

That said I don't think Mando is as strong as he used to be. Sure, the reprints help, but I think there are a few other decks out there, that can defet Mando (some of them quite easly).

So why I decided to give him a go? Well, I couldn't dissapoint my fans, could I? ;) And besides, I always loved the original Darksaber, so I couldn't pass up an opportunity to use it with Mando.

And as it turns out, I did quite well loosing the fist place on SoS. And although I think I would have at least a decent chance against other decks that went 4-0 that day (and was a little disappointed there wasn't round 5 to decide who woudl win), I still think Din overachieved due to good matchups and some luck.

I played against two mills - eOzzel, Pyke, 3x Jawa (I've won that one on mill ;)) and eOzzel/eTseebo/Pyke/DD. Next there was a really interesting pairing of eBala/ePyre (that deck is insane). And as Elrathion said, I got away with murder in that one and won the game I should've lost badly. And in the last was there was Ackbar waiting, who can be a problematic matchup, unless you deal 14 damage t him round 1 ;)

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