Kill the enemy or die trying

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richinhu 17

The deck already starting to be strong already in the initial roll to define the battlefield! You need to be very unlucky not to start by taking the initiative and choosing your battlefield early in the game.

Peace Park - Mandalore it's great to use with Saw Gerrera - Ruthless Extremist

K-3POis insane and we'll want to have it in play as soon as possible! Using his Power Action before the opponent claims the field we will have a chance to roll Saw Gerrera - Ruthless Extremist's die 3 times in our pool in a round. That's not counting the dice on character activation. 5 dice with absurdly high damage faces.

The idea if we have the C-3PO is to use his action to modify Saw Gerrera - Ruthless Extremist dice to get resources on the first turn. 4 or 5 resourses is amazing! The deck has a low cost so you can have plenty of resources for later rounds! In anothers turns you can use action in Saw Gerrera - Ruthless Extremist's dice for discard oponent hand (discarding all cards from the opponent's hand turns out to be a great way to control the game) or as direct damage focusing on a specific character.

Eternal Conflict to roll Saw Gerrera - Ruthless Extremist's dice in pool again. More damage!

Quicksilver Baton to roll Saw Gerrera - Ruthless Extremist's dice again!

Medal Of Bravery we can use to replace Quicksilver Baton for free! As we're going to be rolling Saw Gerrera - Ruthless Extremist's die in the pool this 1 more damage each time we resolve the damage will be very effective.

Riot Shield and Second Chance will keep Saw Gerrera - Ruthless Extremist alive. Defiance to reroll the saw die. Can heal between 3 and 5 health. NICE! These are cards that will help a lot due to the self inflicted damage of Saw's rolls.

I put LAAT Gunship in the deck but I think the game will probably end before it can be played. Your special die face for rolling a trooper die suits our monster a lot. With Reckless Reentry we can roll the LAAT Gunship's dice again if the opponent removes it.

Defensive Position, Easy Pickings, Negotiate and others cards to remove opponent's dice.

Rearm can be used to rescue Riot Shield in defensive movement or Quicksilver Baton in offensive movement.

It's a shame the card Vicious Move can't be part of this deck!

We're taking 1 damage on each dice. This dice will be very rolled. The deck's objective is pretty obvious: inflict massive damage or die trying! I hope you test the deck and especially enjoy it.

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