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richinhu 17

The deck already starting to be strong already in the initial roll to define the battlefield! You need to be very unlucky not to start by taking the initiative and choosing your battlefield early in the game.

The ideal is to have the C-3PO as soon as possible! He's the deck's asset. Use his action to modify Saw Gerrera - Ruthless Extremist dice to get resources on the first turn. 4 or 5 resourses is amazing! The deck has a low cost so you can have plenty of resources for later rounds! In anothers turns you can use action in saw' dice for discard oponent hand or pick shields.

The powerful action of Leia Organa - Heart of the Resistance and the special of the Stealthy upgrade have a very good synergy with the high values ​​of the Saw Gerrera - Ruthless Extremist's dices. You can eventually discard 10 cards from the opponent's deck with favorable sides on the dice.

Partnership can be used to activate C-3PO and Saw Gerrera - Ruthless Extremist together and then with the ambush use the action of C-3PO and resolve the saw die as discards or shields, giving the opponent no chance to remove his dice

Riot Shield and Second Chance will keep Saw Gerrera - Ruthless Extremist alive. Defiance to reroll the saw die. Can heal between 3 and 5 health. NICE!

K-3PO this card is amazing. If the opponent claims the battlefield and discards it, you can throw it from the discard pile. You in 1 every 3 times will get a shield and then discard two cards from the top of the opponent's deck all rounds.

Hit and Run to activate Leia Organa - Heart of the Resistance and then use Commando Raid to discard the opponent's hand if the die shows discard.

Rebel use to play Commando Raid from the discard pile or Riot Shield or Second Chance. Any card that the opponent has discarded when claiming the battlefield and that will be useful in your strategy.

Improving the deck i add 2 copies of Placing A Bet that was released not too long ago and that does a lot of damage to this deck!

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