Bountiful Harvest (Standard)

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Rayquazian 1

Want to potentially one shot someone with bounties? This may just be the deck for you. This is a feast or famine deck, but fun to play when it works. This is the standard version of this deck, and sadly isn't as effective as the infinite, but it's close. You will be using 4-LOM - Calculating Criminal's ability to bounce discarded bounties back to the hand to reuse them in the same turn, and hopefully kill a couple characters in one go. This is a fast, yet slow deck. Fast in the fact that when it works can end games in 1 or 2 turns. Slow in the fact that your opponent might be sitting there a while, watching you pick off their characters 1 by 1 with a chain of events thanks to Dangerous Escape and your plethora or bounties.

Goal of the deck

Secondary Kill Potential Options

  • Armed To The Teeth - Armed To The Teeth is used to finish 9 to 7 health characters you just hopefully got to 3 health or below so you can save your Dangerous Escape for other characters. With Wanted and Dead Or Alive, you will be getting many resources to continue the chain, as well as place upgrades. However, you will not be using these upgrades (except for Armor Plating for 4-LOM - Calculating Criminal survival or Supply Pack to reroll dice for damage sides), so this is when you would Armed To The Teeth for up to 3 damage. IMPORTANT - to maximize potential, put 0 cost bounties ( Wanted for more resources, Death Mark is for if you need to dig for more useful cards, Forced Labor for if you want to try your luck for some free damage, focus or shields depending on the match up) on the character you are Armed To The Teeth-ing to get more reward for your kills.

  • Pirate Speeder Tank - Pirate Speeder Tank will be a finishing card. This will be played when there is maybe 1 character left, or all are super low, after all the Dangerous Escapes and Armed To The Teeths have been played. You should be sitting on a lot of resources and cards, and the rest should be easy. Pay the 5 for the support easily, reroll until you get enough damage to finish the game.

  • Character and Upgrade Dice - Final option is just to use whatever cards are left in your hand to reroll for damage. Hopefully you will have good luck and not have to use all of them to get what you need.


  • This deck is incredibly fast paced. It's usually rolling and in full swing by turn 2. By then, you should have used Zuckuss - The Uncanny One special, or even gotten a lot of bounties on the field, and you can start the chain. Once the chain starts, expect to be in the turn for a while. Your opponent will probably claim way before you finish. Just take the time to really think what is the best way to go about dealing the damage and what bounties to use. Where this deck falls apart however is that it is very fast paced and a very early game deck. If 4-LOM - Calculating Criminal dies before you can start your chain, good luck. His ability is the engine of the deck.

P.S. - This is my first run down of a deck I have done on here. Any questions, comments, critiques or suggestions are welcome! Let me know how this deck works out for you guys. No where near competitive but fun never the less. If you want be to post the Infinite version also let me know.

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