Han4 + Chewie2 - Scoundrel Package

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Telcontar 15

Tournament reports:


An earlier version of the deck included 2x Entourage, 1x Ensnare, 2x Electroshock, and I think 2x Flee the Scene.

Pre-tourney practice game vs Mark on Mother Talzin + Luce + Old Daka + Nightsister Zombies. Was losing when the actual tournament started.

G1: vs Wes on Iden Versio + Ahrinda Pryce. Got both Entourages and Hired Muscles out eventually, but not as soon as I would have liked. Wes defeated Han early, yet, somehow I still won, even though I completely forgot about Chewie's guardian ability. I had a key mitigation combo in a late round: Wes rolled 8 damage (mostly 2-ranged sides and 1 2-melee side), which I mitigated by playing Han's Blaster on Chewy (forces opponent to remove 1 damage die), then using the ambush action on the blaster to play Easy Pickings on 2 of the 2-ranged sides. (Win. 1-0)

G2: vs John on Delve Fist Aphra Sentinel Grievous. Chewy rolled double-blanks like, 3 times. Because this game was being filmed, naturally I played like a doofus: i.e. I forgot about Chewy's guardian ability AGAIN. I did flaunt my new Top 8 Prime Reylo playmat, however! (Loss. 1-1). Link to the game online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsaPAYIUBeI.

Actually, considering how fortunate John was in his dice rolls and how unfortunate I was, I didn't play too badly. My mistake in Round 1 was to spend all my resources on mitigation and do nothing to add dice to my own board.

I think I have a tendency to play too defensively when I'm running an aggro deck. Characters with 10-13 health, like Han and Chewie, are unlikely to be spiked off the board Round 1, so taking damage is a fair exchange for actually building a board.

G3: vs Chris on Plo Koon Enfys Nest Marauder Youngling. Got Chewy's Blaster on him Round 1. Actually remembered Chewy's guardian ability this time. No Entourages but got Hired Muscle on the board, and 2x Rendezvous was clutch! (W 2-1)

After playing this pairing with the scoundrel package, I began to wonder if the Entourage-Hired Muscle-Fickle Mercenaries combo is kind of a trap that slows this deck down too much. I found that even when I got the Entourages out, the total lack of dice control in this deck made it too difficult to get to the Entourage specials.

I found this version of the pairing--more of a "Blaster Package"--on Dice of Failure: https://swdestinydb.com/decklist/view/30727/doftheultimateotpehan4echewie2profitable-1.0

Here are DoF's notes on the deck:

"This is definitely the "made by FFG" pairing, but how can I resist putting together Han, Chewie and Lando (via plot, but still)?

Three resources to start means you can play a huge upgrade first round, including Chewie's Blaster, Han's Blaster or an Ordinance Launcher. By the way, 5 ambush guns means that Quick Draw is suddenly relevant again.

Meanwhile, Streetwise and Mean Streets - Correlia means you have plenty of money to play huge dice removal cards, including the recently reprinted Reversal.

From there, you're just using the inherent combination that this pairing provides. Chewbacca has his 13-health and guardian with a bonus for damage on him, and the Bait-and-Switch with Han's Power Action that resolves Chewie's big side for free is really nice, essentially giving Chewie a fourth damage side that your opponent has to worry about."

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