Smuggling crew

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Halooly 30

This deck is simplicity at its finest. The entire strategy behind can be described within two steps: create resources and deal damage.

Deck Breakdown:

Economy: To start it off we have smuggling which a lot might brush off as a shitty card, but in my opinion, it could be one of the most powerful aggressive cards in the game. playing it means you could have 3 resources turn 1 which would let you play a powerful weapon like DL-44 or lightsaber in the beginning of the game which would allow you to deal massive damage from the getgo or you could even use it play several cheaper supports and upgrades early which would later stack up into a lot of resources. and if not draw early then 1 extra resource is still pretty huge; because it's a step closer to things like the falcon, or again play cheaper cards in the round. Datapad is a great card in general, it manages your resources and could be very versatile in the late game with cards like millennium falcon and Thermal Detonator. Comlink is also another versatile card that could generate a lot of resources and when it's not the 2 focuses on it could always come in handy in all phases of the game. Black Market is pretty slow but the filtering effect on it diffidently cannot be ignored. Last and certainly not least we have Play the Odds which ties it all together, and when used with your other resource generation together is what makes the deck work.

DL-44 and holdout Blaster: both are very powerful weapons the synergies with han, and are a great way to start spending all that money you've been making

JetPack: Insanely powerful cheap upgrade. with very little reason not to include it.

Diplomatic Immunity and Second chance: are just great Defensive cards and should honestly be auto include in any rouge decks
Millenium Falcon and Thermal Detonator: are awesome ways to close out the game with their massive damage

Draw Attention: Focusing all your damage on a certain character is probably one of the best ways to play the game. that is because it means when you kill that character the opponent begins to roll less dice which is always better for you. Draw attention lets you disrupt the damage and lets the number of total characters alive during a certain period of the game longer.

Shoot First: a very situational card, but is very powerful when needed, and could always be used as reroll fuel when not.(also it's too flavorful not to include it)

Scramble: another situational card, but its cheap, efficient, and could pull you out of a serious pinch

Disarm: great disruption card, that could put a dent in the opponent's gameplan

Unpredictable: versatile and synergies with Han

Infamous: synergies too well with Han to not include

Scavenge: Filtering cards is always good

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