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tropoFarmer 794


As of May 8 2017 (see v1.3 of the Destiny FAQ) the Hyperloop is no longer a viable deck. RIP sweet prince.


The crux of this deck is to pull out Millennium Falcon and Hyperspace Jump as quickly as possible in order to lock down your opponent.


  • You want to see Millennium Falcon and Hyperspace Jump. If you see one, keep it and mulligan the rest. If you see neither, do a full mulligan.
  • Hopefully you roll your , but if not, worry not!

Turn 1

  • Roll out a Hired Gun. Your goal is to get 1 this turn, if you're playing your battlefield.
  • Play cautiously, resolve 1.
  • Roll out Poe, claim Emperor's Throne Room, turn to , and resolve the Millennium Falcon's 2 side. This puts you to 5 . Now you can play the Millennium Falcon on turn 1 via Poe Dameron's ability, putting you in a great position.

The Hyperloop

Ways to Win

  1. damage. The devastating combo of Millennium Falcon 3/4, Launch Bay with two sides, Poe Dameron for damage, and the three(!) 3/1 sides on Poe Dameron and your Hired Gun makes this the easiest path to victory.
  2. I've lost a twice to Jabba the Hutt/Count Dooku. Lesson learned: them first! This will most likely be any Jabba the Hutt opponent's strategy against this deck, particularly for trying to get your Millennium Falcon into your discard pile. This can be mitigated by a well timed Scavenge (which can also save your ass via the Millennium Falcon , allowing you to pull a card back into your hand), but be aware. The 3 on the Millennium Falcon and the side on Launch Bay, along with the 1 on the one or two Cunning that you have on a Hired Gun should do the work. As always, Hyperloop till you have the opportune moment, then !



  • This is a seriously annoying deck to play against. Please apologize profusely at the start of the game. In fact, I fear that this semi-abusive combo could turn off new players. Keep your maniacal laughter to games with friends.
  • Hyperlooping works well for building up the needed to deploy Launch Bay or multiple Second Chance. If that happens, you're golden. I've won with Poe Dameron WITH NO DICE (Prized Possession), Millennium Falcon, and Launch Bay, and two defeated Hired Gun. It's very hard to stop.
  • Be wary of the mill. Using Scavenge or Don't Get Cocky to see your Millennium Falcon can have game-ending repercussions.
  • On the flip side, the mill can be your friend. If you don't see a Millennium Falcon till late game, this might be your best bet to victory. Keep your Hired Gun alive with Second Chance and stack them with Cunning. Hopefully that, Launch Bay, and Millennium Falcon can lead to very powerful .
  • Upgrades are meant purely to support specials or keep your team alive.
  • The combination of round lockdown, Poe , and Hired Gun's strong throughput should seal the deal.
  • Consider swapping both Logistics for two Holdout Blaster and ditching a Scavenge for an Electroshock. TinyGrimes suggested this to me, and I'm going to test it out. The Holdout Blaster contribution to your potential may be too good to pass up.
  • Per comments below, consider including Play the Odds or Smuggling to facilitate resource generation. However, Hyperlooping will provide you with tons of bucks to play the Launch Bay or Second Chance in your hand. Also consider Ambush cards like Hit and Run or Infamous to get additional action economy before hyperlooping.

Wosho 57

What if You stumble upon a deck with electroshock/flank/he doesnt like You/ force throw etc?

DHarvison 14

@Wosho is right in my opinion. This sounds good on paper. But in a game against a competent opponent running a really fast deck I don't see this working out as well as your comments outlined above make it seem. it does look like a really fun casual deck. Maybe I'm wrong though, I would love for this to be a viable competitive deck. Most competent players I play with tend to save their control cards to disrupt handshake combos like this one. The falcon and Poe are the only two die you really have to worry about in your deck and I can see them getting controlled almost every turn. This deck does have a lot of health though and I've run some variants on this same lineup. My most successful one just consisted of tons of blasters, with the health it can be deadly.

tropoFarmer 794

@Wosho and @DHarvison, there's only so many control cards to worry about. If that's my fear sometimes I'll either activate the Hired Gun first and hope for a 3 side and let them control that, or--better yet--play Datapad on Poe Dameron and Cunning elsewhere. A Cunning and Second Chance on each Hired Gun is a dream.

I've beaten Jango Fett/General Veers in most of the games I've played against it (granted, not that many), but I don't know a faster deck that that.

tropoFarmer 794

I've also done crazy things like putting two Cunning on a single Hired Gun, along with a Second Chance. It will be difficult to control both copies of Cunning. Then, when the Hired Gun is near death after the first Second Chance is discarded, overwrite one of the Cunning with my other Second Chance.

MTUethomas 39

I think you underestimate the strength of your firepower.

I tested this out a bit. Your characters tend to roll high enough that you are likely to start off at Emperor's Throne Room. In the first game your opening hand had both Millennium Falcon and Hyperspace Jump! It took dedication of resources nonetheless to get that turn1 falcon off. I was just as lucky to have Hyperspace Jump in my opening hand as well so keeping the combo up required lucky rolls and with a relatively small dice pool, control was a thing.

However, even if the big vehicles get dealt with, Poe Dameron and Hired Gun can put up high damage dice.

I didn't fully play out games. I mostly just played with the combo because it seemed interesting.

DHarvison 14

Poe and Hired Gun have a lot of potential damage yes. But there just aren't enough threatening ranged dice out there. So a smart opponent controls the big support die and Poe's die and cunning die all the while put those hired guns down first. Their die all alone cost money to do damage. Poe can do 2 for free or 3 for one cost. So if you are saving up your resources to play falcon you won't be willing to let the blasters fly. There are a lot of control cards out there and I try to have as many of them as possible. I'm sure most competitive decks will have a fair amount of removal with the popularity of aggro decks currently.

tropoFarmer 794

Don't forget that Millennium Falcon has a 3 side, which will eliminate many control options.

Amanal 1

Looks interesting, I hope to try it out on the weekend.

I did some "blind draws" and played the deck without an opponent. Based on that I felt if it got going it was lights out for the other team. However, it felt that it would suffer if it got a bad draw and if you go second you need to get the Hyperspace Jump out in play to claim your battlefield.

Have you playtested it with a rubbish draw or your opponent going first at all?

tropoFarmer 794

@Amanal, I've had a few matches with crap draws, and it's definitely an uphill battle. Cards like Don't Get Cocky and Scavenge help to see your Millennium Falcon, but puts you in danger of being milled. Dug in, Field Medic, and Second Chance should maintain your characters until the point at which you can swing.

rmohler 591

Once you get your hyperloop working, how does this deck win? It seems like you can prolong games against Jango/Veers, but I don't understand how you deal damage faster than they can. Are you basically waiting for them to make a bad roll, plink off 3 damage or so, then reset with a Jump?

tropoFarmer 794

@rmohler, pretty much. That's how I've beaten Jango Fett/General Veers.

rmohler 591

@ziniguez Interesting, I will definitely try this out. Do you have a plan to deal with Vader/Jabba? Vader can still get a discard in every turn, putting the game on a clock. Hyper looping every turn seems like it might stall out until a Vader win

rmohler 591

How do you feel about Smuggling instead of Strategic Planning? It might be nice to get some more consistent resource generation, so you can guarantee having the resources for a turn 1 Falcon

Treefarmer 171

This deck is hilariously good and makes people rage quit TTS. All the people saying it only looks good on paper need to give it a shot because now I'm on the hunt for the only 2 legendaries I'm missing...Launch Bays and Thermal Detonators.

Trey 178

This deck is about the Millennium Falcon making Hyperspace jumps. How is this not called the Kessel Run?

tropoFarmer 794

@Trey, damnit you're right.

tropoFarmer 794

@rmohler, Strategic Planning has been amazing for getting multiple Millennium Falcon activations. I definitely would not drop it, since that's one of the main sources of damage dealing.

DaBlaze 1

Just built this deck and I'm really excited to try it out. I'm missing a Launch Bay and 2 Thermal Detonator so I subbed in a Black One (Vehicle and it has a decent Special) and 2 IQA-11 Blaster Rifle (Special is ok with 2 unblockable damage). Would you recommend other options? Thanks again for the deck.

redfive 1

I've been running this combo in a variety of decks. I personally find eRey eHan the better shell to run it out of, but I've ran a similar Poe build in the past. People seiously underestimate this combo.

Nemikan 32

What do you think about an alternate take on this as a a mill deck? With Hyperloop, you're now forcing your opponent to use event cards to control your dice, spending resources and their cards. That only makes it easier to mill them out.

Brewed up an idea:

tropoFarmer 794

@Nemikan, that works, too--I've won with this using mill, oddly enough. The 3 side of the Millennium Falcon is very effective, not to mention the 1 on the Cunning that you hopefully have in play.

tropoFarmer 794

@Amanal, just played a game with a very bad draw+mulligan. Didn't get Hyperspace Jump till ~round 4, then Millennium Falcon on 6. Ended up eking out a win with a lone Hired Gun with Second Chance, Cunning, and Thermal Detonator, supported by a Launch Bay and Millennium Falcon. Hyperlooped twice.

tropoFarmer 794

@Nemikan, just beat Luke Skywalker/Admiral Ackbar by milling, funny enough. I was down to a lone Hired Gun with two Cunning and a Second Chance with a Launch Bay and Millennium Falcon supporting. That's some good potential.

tropoFarmer 794

Got creamed by elite Bala-Tik/Jango Fett/First Order Stormtrooper. Bad draw, bad rolls, great opponent.

chicobrew 25

This deck is in dire need of some ambush so you can take two actions before having to claim the battlefield to end the turn.

tropoFarmer 794

@chicobrew, good call. Probably Hit and Run or Infamous.

Book 1394

Hit and Run and It's a Trap seem like they could fit in. Unpredictable would be a nice little spot answer/second shot at hitting a special.

Jorgyn Ryys 190

This deck looks absolutely savage.

ashy_gt 1

This deck can be awful to play against, get a good dice roll and you'll get it taken away from you by hyperloop. It seems strong against Jango decks but less so against Luke/Vader decks.

Jhoratio 1

Re your Turn 1, how can Emperor's Throne Room affect a die that's not active yet?

tropoFarmer 794

@Jhoratio, since you've rolled out Poe Dameron you're able to Claim Emperor's Throne Room and use its ability on the Poe Dameron die.

Jhoratio 1

Duh, I see now, it's using Poe. Sorry.

Reklawyad 65

@tropoFarmerRan this tonight in a 10 man went 3-0 I had to take out a Field Medic as I didn't have a second one (used them in other decks at the moment.. silly me!) and I don't like Dug In as much, so I put in Hit and Run, that card was awesome sauce. There's a few others that I'm going to tinker with but the Loop is real... and it's scary

Book 1394

I posted this earlier on a similar deck list, so please ignore the references to "the other deck," as I am in fact crediting the deck here:

Met with a buddy today to test specifically against this archetype--not this particular one. Here are my thoughts.

Is it a thing? Yes. Do I think it is a tournament viable deck/strategy? Not at the moment.

Here is why:

1.) It is draw dependent. Very draw dependent. In the first list posted, a number of cards are contingent on, and assume, you are up and running. Sure, the deck can zig and zag, but the prior list in particular was lacking in mitigation, and therefore if things didn't go according to plan, it puts the Looper in a bad spot.

2.) There are a number of snazzy cards in the game that ARE more tourney viable that allow you to circumnavigate the loop. I played my 3 trooper/raider deck and things like Tactical mastery, coupled with a decent roll, allowed me to slowly kill off dudes. This deck also plays cards like He Doesn't Like You, Flank, The Best Defense..., and Electroshock, which can help to interrupt the loop--though they can Strategic Planning out of it here and there.

3.) Disrupt results can put the screws to the early set up for sure. I played as Looper against Jabba/Dooku and it was miserable. A forty minute slog, which I won, but that brings me to my last point:

4.) The deck has two issues that a relatively smart player can exploit often enough:

a.) it is slow, very slow. Rounds are 35 mins in events, which mean that spending time to set this up and then turtle as needed isn't a complimentary strategy to the tourney format


b.) in all this mucking about, you actually have to get a win condition on the table. Yes, the deck has some heavy hitting cards like Launch Bay and Millennium Falcon, and some neat tricks like Thermal Detonator, but it isn't the best at playing early aggressor AND building toward the loop.

My end analysis, at present, is that the deck is more annoying and interesting than it is viable. I hope that we do not see amendments made to the card like in some of the LCG games, which, in my professional opinion, show a lack of proper development and future proofing. Either way, it is certainly not an enjoyable experience, per se, but it is a "thing" nonetheless.

tropoFarmer 794

@Book, it certainly is draw dependent, but Don't Get Cocky Scavenge help with it. I've been testing the addition of Electroshock and Negotiate; pretty happy with those so far. Just got done playing against Count Dooku/Jabba the Hutt, and it ended with a Millennium Falcon roll off. I had 1 card in my hand; he had 3. Never rolled the 3, unfortunately.

Funny moment: my opponent had 5 cards in hand and Mind Probe on the table. I played Don't Get Cocky three times (once in my hand, once with Cunning , to Millennium Falcon , and another Millennium Falcon . I was about to claim Emperor's Throne Room for 11 damage, but his killed the Hired Gun to which they were attached with his next action. :(

MajordomoTom 38

Against this - I'll run a Jabba/Crime Lord deck. Turn 1 - if you are first player, I'll just "claim". Then from that point on, I'll accumulate resources, get Crime Lord out there, and resolve it against you.

"I'll just claim" is the counter to this hyperloop crap.

guard5 1

Trying to build this deck to play at home, is their an updated list?

lawl0r 121

Tom B : I'll just claim allows you to not be looped, sure, but Poe and theGuns can just roll out and pay for damage to kill you. You think you can get 3 crime lords (19 resources, 10 rounds) without dying?

Luke 1

Hi! How is this deck performing in current meta?

tropoFarmer 794

@Luke, I haven't used it in a while (trying out other stuff), but ranged Hero decks eat it alive (It's a Trap! mostly). Still tweaking, but I'm now deciding if it's worthy of using for Worlds in May. We'll see!

Piffo 67

I'm still missing one Thermal Detonator , what could I swap for it?

LukeCSkywalker 30

My eFinn/Poe deck is a high attack deck, and has beat the Bader Raider deck a few times. Check it out, and maybe use some cards like using or rocket launcher. They can go far.

LukeCSkywalker 30

Overall, I like this team.

LukeCSkywalker 30

Sorry, typo. The Vader Raider team.

LukeCSkywalker 30

I am making a spin off of this team called the Kessel Run, thanks @Trey. I will be using two Millennium Falcons, and two Hyperspace jumps. The same characters will be used too. This makes it a lot like the Hyperloop, but here is where the differences come in. I will add in two Let the Wookie Win, two R2D2, and two reversal. The point of these is to get out both the Millennium Falcon and R2D2. I will first roll out R2D2 and the Millennium Falcon, and hope that I get a special side with the Falcon, or at at least one with R2D2. With the Emperor's Throne Room, I will claim it allowing me to use the Millenium Falcon's ability or, If I rolled the Falcon's special, use R2D2's ability. This allows me to use the Millenium Falcon's special side, correct me if I am mistaken, two times. In doing this, I will use Hyperspace Jump to jump to the next battlefield, and can jump right back so it is ready for next turn. That is not my first option, because it would be even better to have have a Let the Wookie Win or Reversal out to deal damage. I will explain more in my deck which I will post here shortly.

Zumas 1

LukeCSkywalker, 9page You can't decrease or increase value of specials.