Ackbar 'Money bags'

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Ackbar's Mercenaries (1st Place Rome Tournement) 23 17 5 1.0
Ackbar 'Money bags' V2.0 24 22 12 2.0
Ackbar's friends 0 0 0 1.0
Ackbar/2x Hired Gun 4 4 4 1.0
My Ackbar HG HG - A Good Deck; Beats Tier 1 Decks Plenty 9 3 2 1.0
Ackbar 'Money bags' 0 0 0 1.0

gunslinger 715

Recently piloted this list to a first place finish in a 29 player event.

Prioritize resources early. Reversal and the Millennium Falcon are the heavy lifter's of the deck. Plan your turns with them in mind.

Scout is good vs the aggro decks that need to re-roll lots .Also hits cards like Sith Holocron and Deflect that can cause issues.

Let you Hired Gun get low before you play Second Chance; make them commit.


Rebels Cantina 5

Nice deck and video. Have you tweaked anything?

I was thinking of adding a second jetpack and at least 1 dodge over a flank and scavenge.

Also.. I see you avoided holdout blasters?

Wosho 57

Interesting deck, did You thought about play the odds?

gunslinger 715

@Rebels Cantina I use to play Hyperspace Jump but I found the combo to be clunky and not particularly powerful. Thats when I put in 2 Reversal's in which have been game changers. Three damage sides on the falcon is huge. Also used to play a Black One didn't seem worth the resources. Tested Black Market, Comlink and DH-17 Blaster Pistol. They just weren't the what I wanted to be doing.

On the first turn you usually deal 0 (mabye 3) with your characters as you want to slam a 5 drop or prepare to draw one the following turn and mitigate damage. Unless you know your going to kill a character dealing damage early is usually a bad idea as it cost your resources. Get you upgrades or supports out first.

Jetpack is a hard one to value. I only like it vs the decks and pitch it agaist most others. The damage is good but having to pay 1 every to you deal damage can make it look a lot worse. especialy when your opponent has dice mitigation. One of the strengths of this deck is that most of the sides on your dice are good. its a nice 1 of in the deck. Holdout Blaster has the same issues as Jetpack with none of the advantages.

@Wosho I haven't tested it yet. Maybe its worth it just for the re-roll but I haven't had a large issue with this as the deck has 10 dice with on them. Not to mention most of my dice have 4 good side on them which reduces the time's I want to re-roll.

Wosho 57

Thank You. Yesterday i player like 4 times with it and won all of them which was suprising to me :) i am think in about takie it to tournament tomorrow so it would be nice if You could answer couple more questions ;)

  1. I think play the odds will be nice addition especially in first turn what would You cut? Jetpack or heavy blaster? 16 upgrades is a lot.
  2. Dont You think that rebel war room would help some aggro decks with inflicting more dmg? As they would claim faster? What about port mosley here for hunter down or other one cost upgrade?
  3. Did You test it against j/v Do You have enough defense/ hp to survive?
  4. You are saying that You gather resources for first turn and preparat to draw falcon or lb.That means that if You not have it You are discardING aggresively to draw 4/5 cards?

gunslinger 715


  1. I think supports are effectively the same as upgrades except can't die and use more actions. = Less claiming. Jetpack is less important than DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol because + is a lot worse than regular. Honestly though 16 upgrades is fine. you just discard the ones you dont want. If they dont have discard Cunning, if the don't have discar Jetpack. If they play Luke Skywalker discard Scout. There are usually only 12 or so upgrades you want to see in any given matchup. which translates the about 15 with supports. 6 dice mitigation should give you one every hand and Field Medic and Second Chance act a lot like delayed dice removal.

  2. Rebel War Room is good because very few decks play it. Your opponent usually looks at the hired guns and says no thanks. If people plan for a 1 dice left turn you can punish them with DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol. But if all goes your way you should use there battlefield and put 2 shields on Admiral Ackbar. It also pushes your opponent to claim a bad battlefield because its so good with the Hired Gun's .You very rarely claim. The only time you tend to do it is when you're losing and have less characters. The bigest upgrade Mos Eisley Spaceport brings is returning Second Chance. But I think thats a corner case and its more likely to help you opponent.

  3. eJango Fett and eGeneral Veers hasn't been an issue yet. I'm currently 3-0 in the match up and I think its a good match up. Hunker Down is a big player as its hard to remove. Millennium Falcon is a hard counter to Jango Fett. They are almost always forced to roll in because you can do so much without tapping a character. Admiral Ackbar and Scout gives you free damage most turns as they must re-roll to damage every turn. On top of all of this we play 3 heal 5's in Second Chance. I would keep all my 3 roll's in this match up. As for tougher match ups. Any thing with Force Throw has game against you with such big dice lying around. Luke Skywalker with Admiral Ackbar can be an issue as you use you whole hand often.

  4. Really it depends on the match up and how the dice roll. Obviously you can't just take 3 damage to save 1 . But you need to be thinking about your following turns. Having 1 at end lets you play Reversal at the start of the next turn. Having 3 lets you slam a Millennium Falcon. These are the actions that will win you the game. Use you resources wisely. dont waste your resources on 2 for 1 if its going to put you in a bad spot for following turns.

If you play your deck post your result here. Would love to know how you go.

Wosho 57

Thx a lot for detailed info. One thing though didint You mistake space port for graveyard? I thought about getting hunter down to generate resources. I am think in about Your deck or minę. My Best deck atm is trooper/trooper/sister/bala with a lot of control cards. But Yesterday i got beating on test night so thats why i got interested in your deck ;)

gunslinger 715

Yeah you right for some reason of was thinking about Starship Graveyard. Like I said. It can be very difficult to claim. I really just want the shields.

This deck isn't as straight forward as most, but if you learn the deck will do great.

n00biE 25

@gunslinger I tested this deck and various variations in the last days. The problem with your list is, that it gets obliterated by the Jango eBala Trooper list wich will transform into the new "deck to beat" . I tried to improve the Jango Matchups and included the Hyperloop combo to mitigate god rolls. Im also playing Disarm since it synergizes so well with your 33 % chance to roll 2 or 3 dmg on Hired guns. Check my decklist out, constructive criticism is welcome :

Wosho 57

Can we sneak dodge heere somehow?

Rebels Cantina 5



Thanks for the info. Really helpful. I'm thinking about trying it out, but need to make a few trades IRL to do so. For now, it'll be TTS.

Currently rolling with eAckbar/eLeia. It's our variation of Catfishing.

Check it out when you guys get a chance and let us know what you think!

Aorakis 4

Tried an uncomplete version of it tonight (1 millenium, 1 reverse, 1 survival gear, 1 datapad, 1 Second chance) against a Luke-Bar, and i've crushed hard by luke. And it was a kid playing ! Of course i helped him to do the good "focus dice" stuff but it was a balad for him.

Hope this deck will be better when i'll have the complete list but i'm not quite sure.

I still like the idea but yeah, defenatly a tier 2,5 deck.

Also think that It's a trip might help gathering ressource faster or even some blaster against some jango's.

Dodge would aslo be a nice add against them.

Good job anyway, Ackbar is a really interesting hero.

gunslinger 715

@n00biE Honestly this match up has played out exactly like the eJango/eVeers which you can find my thought of above. Dice mitigation is realy good vs this deck as Bala-Tik's and + line up so poorly. Don't be afraid to let Jango Fett Live as your support's can neuter him. Cunning is not worth playing in this match up and should be discarded. Jetpack also isn't the best. Scavenge will help you reach the important upgrades. Use Second Chance early as they have burst. Scout for will usually leave them taking 2 damage from Admiral Ackbar. Correct threat assessment is crucial.

As for Disarm. It was average against the decks and terrible against the Ability special decks. Its hard to find a good time to use it.

Aorakis 4

2 more games on tabletop against a Jango-Kylo melee and then a Dooku-Grevious : And two more hard lose.

Nothing i can't do, once they understand that removing ressource is a powerfull tool against me, two games where i was unable to play any of those Big 5 cost Support.

Then Fast Ackbard died, then a Mercenary, and even with a 2nd chance, my opponants at that time are fully stuffed and destroyed me hard against a wall of cock !

I might retry this during the weekend, i probably miss something with this deck ^^


Rebels Cantina 5

Played a game against Rainbow Deck. Had the same problem with the resources. Once they find out about removing it, you have a big time problem!

Though it was a close game, it should have been a shut out.

gunslinger 715

Its not like people can force roll without addition upgrades. If they do you can just spend the resources before hand on upgrades or dice mitigation leaving them with what is essentially Dice. Agaist the 2 resolving 1 at a time can be a good strategy.

Perhaps your spending to many resources on your upgrades leaving you starving for resources. Usually the first hired gun isn't worth saving with second chance as it can put you to far behind. Much better off developing the board more or planing for big turns with Reversal + more.

Sintor 7

Puit this together and tweaked a touch but almost the same. Couple questions:

  1. What do you mulligan for against common decks? Blue Villain, Jabba/X, and JV/JBT? I've been shooting for at least 1 die control and a falcon against most.

  2. You say to discard Cunning above but with Falcon special pulling Reversals that can throw your 3r:1c Hired Gun die, isn't it something you want to shoot for? Similarly proc'ing Scout multiple times etc. We just seem to have a lot of specials to throw that card out.

Hennessy 40

Hello. I tried your deck today and I have to say, it is a lot of fun. However I have few questions regarding the concept. 1) I found out that Force Throw is real threat and Kylo Ren means autolose - there is so many damn expensive cards I just cannot hold it. 2) I usually lose Ackbar before I pull out really what I want to be satisfied, but 2 Hired Guns are stll safe healthpool to still win the game. 3) Launch Bay seems to me better than Falcon? Especially that discard side is massive.

DMArmada 2

Played a slightly modified version of the list (all cards represented but some 1 ofs rather than 2) and went 5-1 vs Luke Akbar. Threat assessment is key and not overplaying your removal is critical!

DMArmada 2

I'll also mention that I swapped in two Defensive Positions that worked wonders! I passed on extra resources multiple times in order to claim in the mid game when my opponent had built up his upgrades, opening up the ability to mitigate his copious amounts of 3 side dice.

gunslinger 715

Went 7-0 in another event today :D.

Toughest match was verse Bala-Tik/Jango Fett/Rebel Trooper. My Millennium Falcon rolled bad and got Electroshock'ed twice! ended up milling him at time with the Falcon. He went though 3 Second Chance's.

Defeated Jango Fett/General Veers in the 5 round and the semi's with relative ease. Millennium Falcon forced his Jango Fett into manual activation several times.

Finals was vs a mate of mine on Darth Vader/Tusken Raider. Lost a close first game. couldn't find the damage to dispatch Darth Vader in time. Second game was a walkover with T1 Millennium Falcon and a will timed from scout crippling him. Last game T2 Millennium Falcon. Admiral Ackbar was dispatched quick, followed by the Tusken Raider with a Mind Probe soon after. Went down to my last Hired Gun before two well timed Reversal's flipped the game on my opponent.


Blue/Villain: Millennium Falcon, Launch Bay, Datapad, Logistics & Flank. Slam a 5 drop and ride it to victory. If you see a Sith Holocron consider removing it. Reversal plays a big part of these match-ups and can easily swing a match.

Jabba the Hutt/x: Scout, DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol & Datapad. I haven't played this much. I would think you just want to swam the board with your cheap upgrades and disrupt them.

Jango Fett/x: Millennium Falcon, Logistics, Hunker Down, Datapad & Scout. Play a 5 drop and wail on them. They have very few ways to deal with 3+ dice. Support are also a good way to force you opponent to activate there Jango Fett themselves. Scout is usually an easy Admiral Ackbar trigger and Hunker Down is a lot of health.

Cunning is a lot worse when we are only using our cards specials. can be ok if we have the IQA-11 Blaster Rifle out. But ts hard to constantly get a good roll. Falcon special isn't always an easy Reversal and the rest of the dice looks rather average. when we have this many upgrades its easy to be choosy. In all honesty its probably the least used upgrade in the deck for this reason and if your looking for more disruption is probably the best cut in my opinion.

cecio83 122

Ehi! Compliments :)

I played the deck last night 3 times against eVader/Tusken one. Reversal saved my day when I saw it, but I noticed that if you don't see it, and one of your big 5 is not on the board is very hard to resist cause you tend to spend your money carefully hoping Reversal or Millennium Falcon come out!

I was thinking some card to take time in mid game...maybe Disarm? Don't know atm...You noticed same problems?

Compliments again!

stingzor 13

I must be playing this incredibly wrong. Went 1-4 yesterday =( Once people started pushing hard for rerolls early game I couldn't get back on my feet mid game. Vader was painful, rolled disrupt every turn

Aorakis 4


Yup got the same against a Luke-Bar and even worst a Dooku-Jabba (who also won the 20+ players tournament in Belgium), once they understand that removing your money and reroll your dice is a good strategy, you become unfortunatly, an easy kill.

DMArmada 2


Are they removing your resources during the first round? Are you able to land the Falcon at the start of round 2? Most aggro decks don't run a ton of dice removal, so I imagine that if they remove early then that opens you up later. Plus, if they're keeping "discard resource" sides rather than damage, then perhaps that opens you up to go straight for damage?

stingzor 13

@DMArmada JabbaDooku is specially hard against this deck, the mill is too agressive and it usually takes away Millennium Falcon and Scavenge, also the disrupt controls the upgrades and damage output from the Hired Gun. I can honestly say that I haven`t played the falcon turn 2 yet =S

s.the.dornishman 1

I love this deck and thank you for answering everyone's questions!

I understand Millennium Falcon and Reversal are key. My question is did you test at all w/ Thermal Detonator? Seems like Launch Bay is in there in case you don't see Millennium Falcon and I think Thermal Detonator may be a better alternative win condition, especially vs the 3-4 character lists. And the discards would be really nice w/ Scout and Admiral Ackbar. Plus it has a resource side. Will probably cut IQA-11 Blaster Rifle for the second copy. Also Scavenge saved me vs Vader/eJabba after both Millennium Falcons were discarded. Almost got milled but ended up taking it down, what a nice include! Might try to find room for 2x.

Let me know what you think on Thermal Detonators.

licasanova 94

Love this list. Also, the video production was top notch. Look forward to more.

s.the.dornishman 1

@gunslinger meant to tag you in my message above ⬆️ :-)

gunslinger 715


I think Launch Bay and Cunning are the weakest cards in this list. I am currently trying our +2 Rearm and +1 IQA-11 Blaster Rifle in there place. The added damage and cost reduction are a welcome include in the deck.

As for Thermal Detonator I haven't tested it yet. I imagine it being clunky; reasonable against the 3+ character decks and very average elsewhere. Its probably worth testing. Maybe Dodge would be an easier way to get ahead against the aggro decks. I don't think Admiral Ackbar would stay around long enough to get full value out of the discard. If you end up playing the Thermal Detonators comment with how it goes.

wynalazca 283

Just watched your finals match vs Vader Raider. This deck appears to be very strong and very well thought out. Don't have any Millennium Falcons yet but can't wait to get some and try this list out. Great work on the build and high-level piloting!

rmohler 591

Why Survival Gear? I've heard a lot of people consider it slow or somewhat ineffectual. Is it mostly used for it's resource sides?


@gunslinger is Launch Bay really that average? If you roll it first you can make 5 damage ore 5 card discard pushing the opponent to remove the dice spending control early. I also have some issues mitigating damage on Admiral Ackbar and often seeing die early againt aggro deck and thinking about trying Dodge . Last but not least i really found this deck amazing and hard to defeat and I compliment you for creating it!

gunslinger 715


Survival Gear is really good at extending the game. Its has no blanks. It also has a focus which pairs well with the hired guns. its not exception but very consistent.


Launch Bay. The more I play this card the more I dislike it. Assuming and are average half the dice is bad. Usually I like to play around removal where I can and Launch Bay doesn't realy leave much room for strategy. It plays into dice removal a lot of the time. Also tends to be a lightning rod for cards like Deflect and Reversal which can really hurt. Scout is there to clear the way for big hits but it doesn't really work with Launch Bay. If you want more support I think Black One would be better.

Rearview 1

@gunslinger Where are you with this deck now? Did you end up removing #Launch Bay and #Cunning for 2 #Rearm and another #IQA-11? How has playtesting gone with these cards compared to the deck list as posted?

I tested this deck list last week and just destroyed with it. This included Jango decks. There's a lot of strategy to this deck and I feel it can take on pretty much anything in the meta. Resource disruption is still far too random to properly counter this deck.

Aorakis 4

@Rearview good for you, coz as far i like and still play this deck, results are defenatly not that good. I found the deck fun, but not consistant and easy to play against.

The fact you have to either collect tons of ressource, or pay for dealing damage is for me, slowing this too much to be consistant and effective. And once you got a big Falcon or the like in play, you also have to roll well.. and most of the time, you got a dead ackbar the time Falcon is in play...

i still like the deck, coz i found him fun and not that powerfull so it is a nice "match" against a Younglings or some tier 2 decks.

but against a good Dooku Jabba, nor a big tier 1 deck, this one doesn't stand very long.


gunslinger 715

@Rearview @Rebels Cantina @Wosho @n00biE @EAW @wynalazca @s.the.dornishman @licasanova @stingzor @cecio83 @Hennessy @ @Aorakis

New decklist is out!!! Come take a look:

s.the.dornishman 1

@gunslinger just following up you're definitely right about Thermal Detonators. Admiral Ackbar doesn't survive long enough to get full value and I'd usually end up just saving the 3 crates for a Millennium Falcon or Reversal for the next turn.

gustavoeidt 1

@Aorakis I just crushed tier 1 decks with it. The role for Ackbar is to get the Falcon on the table. If that happens, and it does, he can die with a catfish smile. If you are paying to deal damage with the hired guns in the early game, you are playing it wrong. You have to deal damage with the Falcon or Lauch Bay and just survive with those Hired Guns. So hunker down and second chance to make it real hard on your opponent. This deck is awesome and I'm really happy it exists!

WhiteNoise 1

If I only got 1 Millennium Falcon, do you think a Black One would be worth it?

Arkhonai 1

I truly prefer this version over the new one with hbs. You truly have loads of resources and falcon/lb is a way to utilize it, those are also supports meaning extra dice slots