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Jango/EBala/Trooper 1 1 0 1.0
Jango/EBala/Trooper 0 0 0 1.0
Jango/eBala/Trooper 0 0 0 1.0
Jango/EBala/Trooper 0 0 0 1.0
Jango/EBala/Trooper 0 0 0 1.0
Stele Open top 16 - eBala/Jango/Trooper 1 1 3 1.0

TinyGrimes 3204

I think this is the best deck in the meta right now. It has a lot more health than Jango/Veers. Otherwise it's not that different from Jango/Veers. You put on weapons, roll damage, cheat with Jango, and crush your opponent. Fight Dirty can be completely amazing.

Thanks to Jay from the Knight of Ren podcast, I've updated my original list. I removed 2 Unpredictable and put in 2 Cannon Fodder.

You can find a video analysis of the deck here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhyeQjwWgNs

If you want to see a video playthrough let me know.

I cannot revise the list, so I will just post changes.

-1 Reversal +1 Dodge


stingzor 13

I really think you need to place a Dodge there. Last night I went 6-2 with a similarv ersion ( -Thermal - Reversal + Dodge + Block ) and only lost to eJango eVeers and eJango Trooper Trooper. I had the resources to dodge their damage both times but the card was sadly missing from my hand =(

tropoFarmer 789

Agreed about Dodge. I also have gotten a lot of mileage out of Personal Escort on the Trooper to keep Bala-Tik alive that much longer.

Fiction 2

I think 1 Infamous, 1 Dodge and maybe Seperatist base are worth having. Rebel War Room I know is just supposed to be a neutral Battlefield choice but I think with the amount of hp you have in this deck it's worth it to just be pressing that advantage each turn.

H3pat1tvsJ 37

I finally traded for my second Bala so I'm dying to start testing it. I'm thrilled someone else has discovered how good Fight Dirty is; and it will only get better as new sets come out. :)

H3pat1tvsJ 37

Forgot to say, I highly recommend removing the reversal for a Dodge. Dodge has saved me more than once against ranged decks. I just feel it's better overall despite not doing damage and not working against melee.

mrmatthew 13

What do you mulligan for here? It seems basically the same business as Jango/Veers, yeah?

TinyGrimes 3204

I have also made the Reversal for Dodge switch.

WarTeacher 78

Rebel War Room is a great battlefield for the deck because you can resolve any die, so you can resolve troopers 2 Ranged with it, so you can keep the initiative, while still sneaking in a die. Separatist Base is interesting, but War Room seems to be the call with all of the modified sides on blasters.

rmohler 591

I'm not completely sold on Cannon Fodder yet - do you feel like it has been worthwhile in your matches? I can see how you might want to include it over an extra The Best Defense... because of cost considerations, but what about something like Unpredictable? It's not a guarantee to deal with problem dice, but it's much more flexible?

Fiction 2

@rmohler I just played a Tournament yesterday and took 3rd. I used Cannon fodder 6 times in the 4 games playing it only once as a discard to re-roll. I only used Jetpack 3 times for comparison (partly due to bad draw).

stingzor 13

Cannon Fodder is a very nice card. When you are resource hungry vs another Jango / X, this thing can pretty much save you from certain death, The Best Defense is far better in terms of dice control, but you wont be able to play that Holdout Blaster on the turn

licasanova 94

I get the idea behind this deck, but from my exhaustive playtesting with Jango, I believe this particular list has some problems. Spot Yellow cards are going to fail you at some point, and can be replaced with more sensible options. This deck does so much damage I feel like trick cards like Armed to the Teeth and Fight Dirty start to feel heavy in your hand at times. (I think you'll find once people catch on, they will be increasingly less effective. More important is the ability to resolve your damage and then survive. Consistency mandates that fantastic plays shouldn't be built for; rather, build for cards that will serve you well no matter when you draw them.)

I agree with the sentiments in this thread that Dodge needs to be in the list. It's a meta call, but it will serve you well in said meta right now. Could be the difference between a W or L in a mirror.

With the amount of dice control at VRed/VYellow's disposal, you can improve the consistency of the deck by removing such cards for stronger plays to keep Bala alive, and sadly to say Hunker Down is not going to save him.

Aorakis 4

Agreed with a lot of people, the deck make way enough damage, so i would defenatly bring in, at least 1 dodge to counter other jangos.

Fact is, most of my match with this deck against a jango veers turn out to be a lose as they make faster damage. So i reckon Jango-veers is the enemy n° one to this deck.

I would also add 2 Dug In to shield bala-jango when i go the possibility. 3 shields is a strong HP boost.

I also would add a second Flank, just coz this card is really good and more control is always good.

Reversal is nice but cost 3... gonna be hard to play it i reckon. I would remove it aswell to bring some cheaper control card.

All that said, yes, this composition is damned good. I won many games with it, and most of the time it feels like there was no game. Last one was against a Han-Rey.. i just crushed them hard like there was no match...

I hope FFG is going to re-balance the game soon, but when i see what's coming (force lightning...) i'm not even quite sure about "light side" coming back on the fight...

For now, execpt for that stupid "Poe Loop" there's not a lot of decks that can beat the top DS decks... Unfortunatly...

Just_Darth 1

TinyGrimes, I just started playing this game and I came across your videos on YouTube. Just wanted to say thank you and to keep up the great work. Your video are really insightful, and the deck builds you post here are really helpful for a newbie like myself.

manson0815 1

What do u think which of your decks is better. The eVader/Raider or this one?

rmohler 591

@manson0815I don't want to speak for Tiny, but based on his podcast and the description above, my guess is he thinks this Jango/eBala/Trooper deck is better.

drestauro 1

This deck should be called Tik, Tik, BOOM!