Master Kylo.

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H3pat1tvsJ 37

I built this as an evolution of the Vader aggro archetype. By trading Vader for a Kylo and Nightsister we get another whole character, net 5 extra health overall and lose little if any, offense in exchange.

Starship Graveyard is for returning Thermal Detonator or another upgrade lost to discard.

Gaffi Stick is incredible. Removing a 1 melee die for 3 damage is great. Jetpack, let's you manipulate dice as well as Nightsister

Otherwise, lots of damage in Lightsabers and Thermal Detonator and Backup Muscle and extra econ in Underworld Connections. I think Thermal Detonator is going to be a staple card to add discard to control decks and massive damage to swarm teams.

The deck does give up the focused shield generation aspect in favor of aggressive actions. On the Hunt for the ability to kill shields more often vs shield decks. On the Hunt, First Order TIE Fighter, and Intimidate are just 3 reasons I think shield decks will be weaker vs dedicated aggro. Looking forward to testing and seeing how it all works out.

Events are pretty self explanatory. Just lots of Dice manipulation. Although I'm not sure disarm will be effective, especially if + and + sides don't count.

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