Unkar Jango - triple threat

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Fushnicken 20

This Unkar Jango deck is a triple threat.

Depending on the opponent it w has won by mill, damage or crime lord.

This deck has shields for days, has some choke elements and upgrade control.

Jango's ability and dice provide damage dice for loose ends, and disarm and his abilty has synergy with a lot of cards in the deck.

Fun to play but it requires that the brain is in gear.

I think it is a good match up vs Palp and pretty good against poe Maz if you get the battleground.



prozz 1

would u play jabba instead on unkar?

do u find a lot of games being too hard to win? i love this deck concept but being not focused on single win condition may hurt it.

anyway good job with deck, will be defo trying it (love it thematically :))

Foz 911

I think to take full advantage of Unkar, you really need to do a bit more choking than this. He has 2 disrupt sides on each die, and as it stands they hardly do anything for you. At best he's causing opponent to spend resources when he rolls it. I expected to see Fast Hands here to resolve from Unkar, as well as Blackmail to take advantage of how poor your opponent will be. Blackmail is also one of the only sources of the deck will have access to, which you'll need to have any hope of closing out games by mill. I'm sure you've won some games by mill simply by making the game drag forever, but that's not a strategy that will regularly work - if you expect the deck to do that, you will need more support than this to make it happen.

You might also consider My Kind of Scum to generate resources more consistently, as this build appears to largely rely on hitting Unkar's ability to make which is a feature that varies greatly by luck and the avg cost of cards enemies are playing. You'd basically need Fast Hands to support that though, as with My Kind of Scum in play your opponent is simply not going to let their resources sit there to be disrupted if they can help it.

Infamous could be worth it since you're mono-color, and may aid you in using Carbon-freezing Chamber - Bespin more. Not sure if it's worth it or what I would cut to fit it though.

I have the feeling this deck really wants to be a mill or Crime Lord deck. No matter what you do Unkar can't reasonably contribute to doing damage, and if you're going to make so many resources you can play out Jetpack / VIbroknucklers and try to win by damage, It's probably just faster to use those on Crime Lord or Mill instead.

Fushnicken 20

Hi @Foz and @prozz thank you for taking the time to comment.

The record for this deck is about 6-3 although I have not been keeping records the difficult matchups being 3 character ones with FN.

Whilst the deck has won roughly by the 3 different methods evenly the common theme has been getting up enough defense through shields and dice freezing to win via any method.

In regards to the specific comments: I tried Jabba Jango in Awakenings but felt it was really fragile and it did not have the defense it worth trying now with the defensive cards from SoR but I would lose the ability to turn the damage into discard and potential resources. Fast hands would definitely improve Unkar's disrupt it the point of being useful so will give it a try with blackmail. In general I found I need to prioritise getting the battlefield more to better use salvage stand too. Not sure about my kind of scum, perhaps in a jabba unkar, but the deck already has 8 starting resources sides with the starting dice, arguably more than any other deck.

Overall it may be better to focus on mill as the primary win condition, if that was the case it may be better as Jabba Unkar.

Thanks again for the input.

Fushnicken 20

@prozz yeah it can be hard to get victories, the tone is kinda set by the first few turns but sometimes out of nowhere you can luck into some money with Unkar's ability which turns things around.